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  1. All i can say is one night I smoked weed AND drank wine... it was not pretty, I was puking all night and I had hallucinations of dying and being in hell! Please note, when I was not on roaccutane i frequently smoked and drank much more than I did on that night and it had no funny affects on me!
  2. Well i didnt call my derm, and I went for a double tanning bed session, and I didnt even tan!!!! So today Im going into the real sun and see if thats better, I figure if I dont even tan (nevermind burn) with no protection on a tan bed, Im ok!
  3. You dont grow out of adult acne, you either cure it, or it stays forever! My mother and father had acne their whole lives, my dad took roaccutane at the age of 48 because he could not take it any longer. My mother when she was 45. I just got of roaccutane (Im 23) and trust me, after 10 years of struggling with all sorts of meds, diets, etc. its the only thing that helped! I was not going to wait for as long as my parents had to!! Curious, do you have acne?? How bad? You taking anything for it?
  4. Ok, Ill phone my derm and ask, was hoping of getting out of making a phonecall! =)
  5. Guys, whilst on accutane your skin is very sensitive which is why the red marks are so prominent. Once you end your course or accutane, only THEN will the red marks start fading, naturally! I know, I only stopped 2 weeks ago and my red marks are fading drastically. This is what my derm told me when I was complaining about the red marks, needless to say, he was right! One thing at a time
  6. Hi everyone! I finished taking roaccutane under 2 weeks ago. My question is: Can I start going into the sun now?? Or must I wait?
  7. A-Pro - heh heh, that is why I didnt specify which country I won, its the miss italia nell mondo, most countries have one! Thats miss Italy, in Italy! I was living abroad at the time! My acne only flared up about 16 months ago, Ive had it on and off during adolescence. Anyway, when I went on roaccutane I was only grade 1 acne, but because of my job I always need to look my best so I went on roaccutane. Now Im 100% clear, but Im still paranoid at times. As far as porn and masturbating in female
  8. Mekinghuwho, thanx I dont wont him to hide stuff from me so I prefer not to bother him about anymore because honesty is a very important thing for me! Also, he DOES find me getting upset cute, he told me so! MEN!!
  9. Grazie ness mi ha fatto proprio arrabbiare!
  10. Ok, for the one who said Im too young for marriage, Im not, Im 23 and Ive had my fair share of relationships, anyway, we just talk about marriage, and when we do, we both agree we gonna wait a couple of years because whether we know each other or not, 3 months is nothing! P.s. Ive been engaged once, trust me, I know what Im talking about! Butterfly, I cant see those pics Animal, I could put tara reid to shame, but we different beauties I guess. As for the "me not being as hot as I think", an
  11. We've been together almost 3 months, but we are pretty serious, he says he wants to marry me, he writes me romantic poetry all the time and he keeps saying how much he loves me. But sometimes I just dont feel it, i love him madly and sometimes think He could'nt give a damn! I wouldnt be able to tolerate such behaviour as you can butterfly, especially the porn!!! do you have male porn? i thought it did not exist considering I dont find the mens anatomy nice to LOOK at!
  12. Miss Piggly wiggly, thanx for understanding
  13. virile? so what am I???? CHOPPED LIVER??? This DOES have to do with acne, thats were my insecurities coem from, even though now Im 100% clear!