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  1. Hi, guys I had my second smoothbeam treatment last Thursday. This time, the Dr. put a thick layer of numbing cream on my face and left it on for about 1 hour. So you can image, it didn't hurt as much as the 1st time. However, a few days after the treatment, i had about 10 small zits around my jawline, which rarely happened before. I suspect this was due to the numbing cream clogged my pores. Also, there are 4 connected small half-circle shape kind red marks sitting on my right cheek,
  2. I know how the torture is. ](*,) Mine was set to 12. The Dr. who performed this for me said she couldn't go over the same area for more than once, which is quite different than what u described. I had it done for almost a week. My face return to normal a few hrs later. So far, I don't feel my face less oily. The Dr. said for acne scar it will take 3-6 month to see good result.
  3. jjp007, Where in TX are you? I'm looking for a good Dr. doing smoothbeam in dallas area. Thx
  4. hello50, where in tx are you? i'm looking for some Dr. reliable doing this in dallas area. Thx,
  5. Scamp Thx for the reply... that is very helpful. I just found this that you may be interested. http://www.planolasercare.com/whats_new.htm However I didn't find any 'real derm' listed on the site, which makes me hesitate. It looks like it's runned by a few R.N. i'm sure there are more providers out there in dallas, but just hard to find their contact info... &
  6. Hi, everyone I'm looking for a derm who performs smoothbeam in dallas area. I heard it's very cool new technology for treating acne scar. I went to www.smoothbeam.com and did provider search in my area. only 3 results : 2 of them are vendors and the other 1 doesn't have contact info. There got to be more!! If anyone knows any info... please let me know. thanks a lot!! --Leon