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  1. Great!!! Yes, I was surprised I'm not more dry as I have always been more dry than oily. But so far so good. Had a few headaches initially but none since then. Kit. What's ur dosage plan??? I will be at 40 for another month and then 60mg for 3 a total of 5 months
  2. So, nothing new to report. No side effects? No real dryness, just itchy arms a little, but I moisturizer like crazy. Lips r not dry yet but my mouth gets dry. But drinking lots of water helps! I'm curious that I'm not more dry. At least the lips? Not,complaining though I started own my normal dose routine of 20 in am and 20mg at pm, so we shall see how I react. I don't eat tons of fat and know its best to take ur pill w fat so I usually down a tsp of pb w my meal so in getting healthy fats
  3. Juler. my advice....is to go on accutane. It honestly is the only thing that works for some people. And if you r like me, and tired of taking pill after pill and cream...then just do it. Find a good dr that rx accutane a lot somthey know what they r dealing with. It's the only real "cure" out there for cystic acne. Have u talked a dr about it yet.
  4. Same here. Down one pack of pills, although low dose for me for another week. I har no dryness or dry lips yet. However my scalp is so itchy. Any advice for that? I've heard head and shoulders or neutrogena t sal. Also I've read oil treatments too! I'm so anxious for tane to clear up my blackheads on my nose.
  5. Yes but that's a Toss up if ur dr will want to do that while ur on accutane, every dr has diff opinions about that but most wil veer away from that
  6. There are options, don't despair. However, I don't think ur best option is a derm. I think a plastic surgeon is ur best bet. Lasers are out until 6 mo post accutane, ESP ablative ones which is what is rec for indented scars. Like fractional co2. However, a temporary fix that u could do soon after is filler. It's safe and non ablative. I would find a plastic surg and get a consult at least so ur ready! Do not pick. I used to do the same and it never, ever turns out good. Just leave it and it w
  7. Gina1981

    So Far So Good

    Hi all!!! So, day 12 and doing just fine regarding side effects. Since I was on such a. Low dose to begin with (10mg) I really haven't had any side effects. Not even dry lips yet! I know it's comi g though:). As of yesterday taking 20mg for another week and then will bump up to 40mg. Just trying to allow my body to slowly get adjusted to this drug. Switched to olay gentle cleanser and am liking it so far. I prefer it to cetaphil or cerave bc its not as thick. But still soap free and fragr
  8. Good luck. One week in for me.
  9. More oil is totally normal. It's pushing all the sebum and gunk from the inside put. Not fun but part of the process. I am going through the same thing. I look like I'm sweating haha. Anyways. Continue to moisturize despite oil and possible try oil blotting sheets. They work!!! U will be dry soon enough. How is ur lip. That's so odd. If its not better I would try Benadryl or a anti histamine or try OTC cortisone. If u go online to lovely skin.com they have a cortisone lip balm that's good.
  10. Emma, imam 32, just started accutane and my plastic says its ok to have during. Not sure if I will but I just had it this,week,one week into,accutane and all is well, Botox is just w needle...how is that any diff than getting ur bloodwork,done? Just my opinion
  11. I don't live there but I have had the same issue here in columbus. However what I can do is call around and talk to,the front desk or rn to ask if they rx accutane a lot. I have done that
  12. Good luck. I'm a 32 yr fm just starting my course as well. I also had mild persistent adult acne. But it really really bothered me and I tried everything else. Antibiotics, creams, lasers, spiro, bc pill blah blah. No side effects yet except headaches that r dull. But I'm on a super low dose for now. Keep in touch. I also have a blog. Gina1981.
  13. Dereck, totally NORMAL- it should subside once ur body adjusts! but, could be due to dehydration, so drink up- H2O that is!!!! hows your skin doing? anything new?
  14. Where is the dry lips? ha, not that im wanting that...but i seriously feel nothing, other than my skin becoming overly sensitive! Im sure once my dose is increased next week it will happen- as of now, skin is pretty much the same- i have started using cetaphil lotion for my face- and LOVE it- seriously people, I used skinmedica prior to this- and paid 50 bucks for moisturizer, and it did nothing but irritate my skin. However, I already notice a difference in my skin w the cetaphil- its so soft