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  1. thank you so much this was really helpful. i'm going to michigan next year btw... so frat life is gonna be extremely important/crazy. i'm just worried that 2nd semester there will be less room to accept kids! because they would have already taken a bunch of kids 1st semester.. and because less people rush, theyre much more critical... feel?
  2. literally nobody ever responds to my posts... why...
  3. hey everyone i'm gonna be a freshman next year at college and i wanna join a frat. however, i'm concerned. i have very mild but VERY persistent chin acne. my cheeks and forehead are basically flawless... but my chin still gets my self esteem down even though it's really not that bad... im considering 20mg every other day (low dose), but im stuck, because if im on accutane, i can't drink right? in that case, how the hell am i gonna join a frat first semester? is 20mg every other day l