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  1. OK.... Diane-35 I a life-saver!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I had back pain when I just started but then it stopped. I was on 80 mg and it hurt to bend over too..
  3. 2 months? That's nothing. I still had acne on month 4.. though less.. and then it was like magic cos it all disappeared.
  4. oh for crying out loud. If you are not an idiot, you will know you;re not supposed to get pregnant, and if u have a drop of responsibility, YOU WON'T get pregnant!
  5. I have pics in my gallery. I've been totally clear maybe 3 months on accutane and 4 after.. so 7
  6. lol well thats obvious .. but he can refuse.
  7. Well mine came back.. this sucks.. my started at 11 or 12. I'm 19 now. go figure :S
  8. Well as some of you may know and who remembers me..Hi my acne came back almost full blow. What surprised me is that my t-zone is clear *knocks on wood* but starting from the middle of my cheeks and all the way to my hairline...well, I look just like before I started accutane. Man am I glad that I grew out my hair! They are saving me... for now.. SO I have an appointment March 15, with a new derm (my old one left).. and I was hoping to ask for another treatment of accutane. Does anyone know how
  9. my skin never dried up. I never used a moisturizer. It was just...........normal!
  10. yeah give it time. My skin never went DRY.. it was just..normal.. and I was PERFECTLY clear. My skin was going through perfiods of ..more oily..less oily.. but oil has nothing to do with acne.. shedding does. Oil just makes it worse, but it's not causing it. hey I wanted to ask you, how did you get your new derm to give you accutane? My dermatilogist left my clinic and now I've got a new one. I'm going back for an appointment on March 15. And I want to go on accutane again because my acne came
  11. Well I made an appointment ... for March 15.. *sigh* And you know what? My regular dermatologist doesn't work in the clinic anymore! Which means I got a new one.. OMG What if he will not give me accutane again? I am so dead! guys!!! and the worst part of all.. apparently, the dermatologist is REALLY young guy!!! What am I going to do??Show up with my ugly skin in front of probably-gorgeous guy? This is going to be the most embarrasing experience of my life!! Does anyone know what I can do to
  12. well it's getting as bad as it used to before accutane, It's mostly reddish bupms that I can cover with hair for now but I don't know how long it's gonna be before I will be ugly again! *cry* Mom bought me Diane-35. Hopefully it will help
  13. My acne came back and there are no appointments for Jan or Feb. Everything is taken. I can't make any for March yet. Gosh I'm almost 19 and I have to put up with this crap!