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  1. hey everyone, like the title of my post says... I was put on amoxicillin to clear up a strep throat infection. my skin happened to be pretty broken out at the time. well, it seems that ever since i've been on the med, my skin has cleared up very noticibley. This could very well just be a weird coincidence, and even if it isn't, i'm not gonna keep trying to take amoxicillin to keep my face clear!... but I was just wondering if there could be a correlation? the only other difference i have made is
  2. Yeah... if a pharmacist said that to me I'd tell her she has no idea what she's talking about. I use 2% SA twice a day and it's what keeps me clear. No side effects or irritation at all. I love the stuff.
  3. Yeah, my skin always looks and feels so much better after i exercise, and seems to stay clearer overall when I do it consistently. Now I'm even more motivated to go for a jog tonight!
  4. Update: it's been 6 days since my last post and WOW! this stuff is working better than anything i've ever used. I really can't believe that such a simple product that has been around for so long could be making so much difference. I had been on benzaclin for the longest time, and it doesn't even compare for me.... I have hardly had any new breakouts and my skin tone is beginning to even out, and red marks are fading away. I can feel this stuff working when i put it on... it definitely stings a l
  5. Wow. What a ridiculous blanket statement. It WILL fail huh? No questions asked. What a load of superficial bullshit. I feel sorry for everyone who thinks that's how it really works. Although I guess you're right to think that if you don't know what real love is. Without that, I guess physical attractiveness is as good a predictor as any.
  6. http://www.clearasil.us/products/product.p...lumn_category=8
  7. Well this marks my second full day of using the stuff about twice a day and I do notice an improvement. (knock on wood!) Just so you all know, I was using benzaclin every night... but oddly enough this stuff seems to work much better for me. I guess my skin is just very resiliant, and needs a stronger concentration of BP? It definitely stings when it goes on, but it really seems to be working. So strange that after trying so many prescriptions, and buying $30 dermalogica face products that my cl
  8. well, i caved and bought this stuff today. i have pretty tough skin and think that maybe 10% BP is just what I need to finally zap some of the more stubborn spots on my face. the stuff promises "clearer skin in 3 days" so we will see. The people on the makeup alley reviews seem to agree that it really does work in 3 days. Plus, I did NOT know this but this stuff has glycolic acid in it too! I had no clue about that until after I bought it. I doubt this stuff will be a miracle, but I have high ho
  9. thank you for the responses you guys... SweetJade, you are very informative! I guess the only way I'll know is to go to the endocrinologist so I need to make an appt soon. I already know that as far as the temperature test goes, I am probably hypothyroid. My temp. has always been below 98.6 but i didn't know that it was associated with thyroid problems. It would sure be nice if taking thyroid meds could be the answer to my acne, but I won't set my hopes on it...
  10. I would guess that your skin clearing was due to your hormones changing. They change significantly after nursing. I used to think about the prenatal vitamin thing, but i heard somewhere that it's really no good and doesn't make much difference at all. As far as I know your body will only use what it needs, and any excess vitamins will just be sent as waste out of your body. Since your body isn't carrying another child, and doesn't have anywhere else to send the excess vitamins they'll most likel
  11. I've been using this stuff for a little over a week, and I have way more clogged pores now than I did before. I'm not saying it's the makeup for sure, because it could just be a coincidence but now I'm leery of it. Plus, I heard that mica can break some people out. And this stuff does contain mica. I really wanted to like this stuff but I just don't trust it now! Just a warning to you all... our skin is all different though.
  12. Hey everyone. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what could be causing my acne, and I started realizing it's strange that I have EXTREMELY dry skin on the rest of my body (literally, my hands crack!) and yet my face still breaks out. Well, I got to thinking.... most of the females in my family have thyroid problems. I looked up the symptoms of hypothyroidism and many of them fit me. Then I found this article, which peaked my interest even more: http://www.ovarian-cysts-pcos.com/news12-hypo
  13. I've heard from so many sources that acne on the chin and jawline is associated with hormone imbalances, but I'm still wondering why? Why would it only affect these areas and not the forehead and other areas as well? Are glands on the chin more sensitive to androgens or something? Is there anybody who knows about this stuff and can explain the physiology behind why that is? Or maybe it's really not true? I can't find the answer and it's pissing me off! Thanks!
  14. I stumbled across this on makeup alley, and was pretty surprised by it. Clearisil is one of those drugstore brands that I never pay much attention to, but the clearisil ultra spot treatment cream seems to be getting some pretty good reviews. Seems like the stuff really does kill cysts... Here's the link: http://makeupalley.com/product/showreview....Clearasil_Ultra Anybody tried this stuff? It might be worth a try just for spot treating stubborn pimples.
  15. Wow, i'm seeing all these posts about jojoba oil now! I started using it about 2 weeks ago, and I think it is REALLY helping my skin. Not only do I break out waaay less often (which I'm not sure is due to the jojoba or not), my skin just looks way healther, and has more of a rosy glow to it and I'm almost positive that is due to the jojoba.