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  1. It does really depend on the severity of your acne when choosing a cleanser or wash.. Something I find to work with a majority of my patients is a wash called 'phisohex' Followed by the most commonly used and best rated moisturiser, 'cetaphil' moisturiser.
  2. Looks like someone might be reacting to fluoride! Change you toothpaste or mouthwash because it seems to me, judging by the areas popping up with acne, that your skin does not like the fluoride - (if when you brush your teeth you can't hold the foam in your mouth). Keep on the regimen - it's stupid to stop now. Acne is a game of elimination.. Keep on playing!
  3. That must be frustrating. I have patients who mix there moisturises in a spray bottle with water to avoid pushing the moisturiser into their skin or causing irritation and often as a result, experience some painful burning sensations in the eyes. Although you may apply your moisturiser differently, yon may sweat during the day and the sweat from the forehead may bring with it the oils which run down into your eyes. Another reason is that skin is naturally acidic (about 5.5 PH) and so putting o
  4. Bump! I have a few walk-ins asking me. Not too sure as I am not too familiar with moisturisers.
  5. The people who provided an email address were spammers. They want you to send them an email so they can get your email address.
  6. 'I wont give up' by Jason Mraz is also a very good song! For now too, avoid mirrors, remember that what you see in the mirror is not what other people see at all or care about either and it really is only going to get you stressed. I would also suggest a B-complex vitamin if you are stressed!
  7. Well done on the healthy eating and i really really hope you keep that up for as long as you live! I am a chemist and i do have a lot of people who clear up quickly following holistic methods, and some which don't, until we work together on weekly diets to change things around and find the cause of the problem. Some people lack nutrients, some people upset their balance of sodium or potassium with zinc or metals or other salts, some people eat too many fish oils and overly consume omega 6, som
  8. You look smart and sophisticated by the looks of your photo, but your grammer and language is terrible and it's hard to sipher out the meaning of your words.. It's great that you don't have active acne! When it comes to these red annoying marks however, nothing is going to fix it overnight - including chemical spot treatments. What may work is an application of aloevera over the inflammed areas and after 2 days, the area should look a lot better. What will help in the long run with the redne
  9. How frustrating indeed! I thought it was just my iPad glitching out.. But had the same problem on a few platforms and found this.. Glad to see it isnt just me!
  10. Umm... I'm not sure if we are talking about a stubborn pimple anymore. For me in my experience.. I see that as a mole with no or little melanin. I would be checking with your GP or a doctor to make sure it isn't cancerous. White moles sometimes are.. Best of luck, but it isn't a pimple. Edit!! It's really hard for me to determine a scale of the size of the impurity. Judging by the hair close to it, it could be a whitehead also, but if it doesn't 'pop' then I don't think it is. Does it ke
  11. It is definitely used to prevent acne and I wouldn't say to put it on 'picked areas'. When you have popped the pimple and there is a hole left of broken skin, it is very likely (80% of the time) that not all the gunk and bacteria is out. There is also a chance of scarring. I noted the method of 'spotting' the hole of broken skin with BP by my friend who is a dermatologist who used it to both dry out to kill off and literally suck out the bacteria and remaining junk while also treating the scar
  12. Yeah sorry sweetpotato.. Was just a suggestion.. No harm meant.
  13. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2010/10/11/probiotics-healing-power-impresses-researchers.aspx "Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help your body to thrive on multiple levels. In Greek, the term means for life, and the myriad of research surrounding these healthful microorganisms suggests that they are, in fact, an integral part of your well-being. Far from simply helping your body to better digest and assimilate your food (which they do very well), probiotics influence
  14. You will need to go to a chemist, pharmacy or drugstore and if you can't find that specific brand, look for one with at least 15 billion probiotics per capsule. I wouldn't buy online because you are right that the pills would be worthless by the time they reach you and I mean whether or not the brand is the best or worst! Probiotics must be kept refrigerated between 2 and 5 degrees Celsius and delivery simply can't achieve this environment.