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  1. It's been over six months or so since I've been on these boards and wanted to provide hope to others who are going through this really crappy time of cystic acne. For anyone who's read my posts, I basically started getting multiple cysts all over my face less than one year ago (I had stopped bc). I was in the derm's office everyday getting cortisone injections (BTW, she was wonderful and I thankfully never had any indentation marks left). I was put on 100mg/day of Spiro and after some trial an
  2. I'm sorry to hear that! I will say I've had so many injections that there are a few spots that are slightly... pitted, I think? They're hardly noticeable though, and I would certainly be the first one to say if it was a problem, ha! She wouldn't even use the standard amount sometimes; she's use less, and luckily it would work. I'm not too worried about it. Cysts are waaaay worse than a slight indentation/discoloration. I'm hoping they fade and plump up again eventually. I can only worry ab
  3. I agree. Luckily my derm has been wonderful and I've always been able to stop by the office the same day to get injections. If I wasn't able to do that, I don't know what my skin would look like. I don't know what brand of spiro I've used and I purposely haven't looked. I read the post about different brands and didn't want to psych myself out. Whatever brand I'm using *seems* to work at the moment so I'm sticking with it. I think the 100mg will work for you, especially if it's hormonal. I
  4. I completely know what you mean. I HATE the cysts. I hate when you can feel one before it's even noticeable. I've been on 100mg/day (I take 50mg 2x/day 12 hours apart) for just over a month now, and I really hope it's starting to slow down. I'm also on OTC which my docs think is helping too. I think this medication works differently for everyone -- while it's supposed to work a certain way in theory, there are so many variables between people, it's hard to say one person will represent everyo
  5. I'm sorry your PCP said it was "just hormones." If you're legitimately concerned about something, your physician shouldn't brush it off. I'd see a derm if you can, or change yourPCP. I rarely go to Whole Foods. If I do, it's for something specific or as a "treat." You can buy everything you need at regular grocery store. It doesn't have to be organic. Really. Fruits, vegetables, leans meats -- all of it. I do think healthy is more expensive but you can make it work.
  6. I would suggest seeing a dermatologist or your PCP to start. If you've been doing this since the beginning of summer and still not seeing real improvement - regardless of location of the acne - diet may not be the only thing causing. The doc can at least prescribe a topical which will be stronger than anything you'll find at the drugstore. The most conclusive and comprehensive studies to date show dairy has the closest correlation to acne. A high-glycemic diet appears to have correlation wi
  7. Ah, didn't realize you were talking about eating four servings for breakfast. Everyone is different. I can have one serving with a piece of fruit or a few eggs and feel full, but that's me. I wasn't trying to disagree with you. My apologies if my post was came across condescendingly; that wasn't my intention. Anecdotally, I couldn't eat four servings of oats! My stomach isn't that big! But it would be easy for me to add a tablespoon of olive oil to my salad and not feel stuffed, ya know?
  8. Just for facts here: Old-fashioned Quaker Oats contain only 150 calories per serving (serving size: 1/2 cup). That's not much for breakfast. I've struggled with weight (both from dieting restrictions for acne and other reasons). 150 cals, 3g of fat (good fats), 5g of protein and 4g of fiber (I'm looking as the container right now). You will not gain weight by only adding this into your plan. That said, I do highly recommend it, as others have already mentioned. It's very basic plain food tha
  9. Aquafor. Use it as much as you need. Aquafor, and the name kind of gives it away, is water-based vs. petroleum-based (e.g., Vaseline), so that may be gentler to your skin. There's small travel-size tubes of it too so you can even keep it in your pocket when you're out. Hope this helps!
  10. I'm so sorry that you feel this way. I know the feeling - I was/am feeling it too. I was so down that I had similar thoughts, felt sick to my stomach, had no appetite and just didn't want to do anything. Nothing made me happy. It's so hard to deal with and I'm so sorry you have to go through it right now. I HATE that feeling when you know you're getting a cyst. Your face just starts hurting (or itching) in a particular spot, and without even looking in the mirror, you know you have one and
  11. Yes, they are looking for a cure. As recent as a month ago, I've seen studies where researchers have been able to isolate the bacteria that causes acne. They've been been able to study certain people who have this bacteria vs. those who don't and figure out what's different (you know the people: the ones who can eat anything, do anything, and seem to NEVER get a breakout vs. those that can do everything possible and seem cursed with acne). As with any bacteria, once it is identified, you tes
  12. Yep. It ruined about about 90% of my "teen years." I'll never be one of those people who say that high school was the greatest time of their lives. Total BS. But I've also come to the realization that if high school is the best time of your life, that could also be kind of sad. So try not to think that way too much. I know it's difficult.
  13. Just adding to the rest -- I'm in my 30's and female. My acne (all cystic) appeared out of nowhere about a month ago. I'm getting multiple cysts a day. I've never had cysts before, but had acne in high school. I hadn't seen a dermatologist in years because I didn't have to! Now...it's weekly, if not more. I'm now considering Accutane and I'm scared to take it. I'm simultaneously heartbroken, numb, depressed, angry, and still try my hardest to remain hopeful. This is a great place
  14. You're very welcome. I hope you find something that works for you soon! The antibiotics don't seem to be doing much. I'm going in today and going to ask if Keflex would be better than Duricef. Both are first generation cephalosporin-type antibiotics, but it seems people have had more luck on Keflex vs. Duricef. Actually, I don't know anyone who has taking Duricef. The spiro is a slow go... but I'm trying to remain hopeful. Thanks for asking