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  1. THANKS for making me feel all warm and tingly inside. Though my stomach is growling from all the acid (vit. c powder and apple cider vinegar) I have been drinking to relieve my illness. Ugh. If I die you can have my Athena statue.

  2. None of those links worked. You have failed miserably dark one.

  3. Fine... strawberry too, but no chocolate.

  4. I love bakers with vanilla frosting on them...

  5. You are very handsome.
  6. You are very handsome. Accutane will clear you right up!
  7. Your derm will probably prescribe you some retinoid if you request it. Or they'll just wait till you come back asking for one. The latter is preferable to them.
  8. Blo0dCrIeSZ

    Just Me

    Even though I hate holistic stuff, you are vibrating with brilliance. Very beautiful
  9. Blo0dCrIeSZ

    Best drink ever

    Sexy. In a naughty boy sort of way.
  10. I would rather suffer than take an innocent live to sustain my own. Maybe that is what "natural selection" is, but I don't like it. And I don't care if that is fucking nature. I will only kill if the thing deserves to die (human included if I could get away with it). But innocent humans/animals/insects should not be killed under any circumstance in my opinion.
  11. I doubt you got clear being a vegan. If so you are the first to get clear from just not eating meat (though you admit you cheated a few times). Though I am a vegan and can't understand how someone could CHEAT eating animals if they're vegan...Maybe you are just growing out of it. Isn't that an option?
  12. You should be fine. If it is too irritating use the AHA one night and retin a the next night.
  13. Don't use salt or baking soda. Just use sugar. It doesn't burn and it taste good if it gets in your mouth. But then again, you will have thousands of ants wanting to shower with you if you forget to take the sugar out I would know...
  14. I'm magic...or I really know you in real life...or I just read one of your posts....I like the magic one better.

  15. Wow I had to take some classes online in HS and abhorred it. I don't know how you can take all of your classes online. Why don't you go back to school now?

  16. Blo0dCrIeSZ

    Me Prom

    Wow very good looking.
  17. EDITED for being sexually suggestive Your husband and you are a beautiful couple.
  18. I've been a vegan for 5 years and I don't think it helps. But if you look at what people say inflames acne, vegans can eat those things (except dairy). So I don't know why it would help your acne if you are just eating everything processed.
  19. If it says the bacteria are from specific colonies then how can they be different than the colonies in your intestines if those colonies are indeed present in your intestines already?
  20. P Diddy needs to be shot. One minute listening to his Obama blog made me yearn for drawing and quartering to be back in style but I know nobody would want to touch his remains.
  21. Well, why did you eat a deplorable diet? That's stupid. Eat a good, delicious diet. Although, all of your posts here prove that you are yet another person who has no clue whatsoever what you are talking about. Why the hell are you ranting about apple fasts, raw meat and no seasonings? Why are you ranting about things you know nothing about? Are you angry about something? I'm angry at god because he created you.