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  1. Thanks. My mother looked into that, but because of the country I live in, birth control pills are very difficult to get a hold of if you are under the age of consent or unmarried.
  2. Aaah sorry for the late reply. EatsRainbows, I'm not in the UK although I'm pretty much definitely not going to get pregnant any time soon. Mahweeoh, I've already started on 20mg daily. Today is my 3rd day, and I haven't felt anything yet. I've got to say that the iPhone camera can be very forgiving indeed. I've also got a considerable amount of acne on my shoulders and back, enough for my dermo to recommend I go on 40mg instead of 20. I had a total diet overhaul which included eating a lot mor
  3. Bump For your viewing pleasure, I've decided to attach a few unflattering pictures of the current state of my skin: (the first two are the in front of my bathroom light, the last is natural lighting) huge pores galore. i never let anyone get this close to my face. I think my iPhone camera makes my skin look better to be quiet honest.
  4. I'm the same age as you and I'm probably oilier than you are. It takes around 2 hours after I put on my makeup for me to start greasing out. I'm going to go on Roaccutane since my breakouts are getting worse and I've tried pretty much every topical acne treatment to no avail. I find that I'm a LOT oilier when I'm stressed out/in a bad mood. Perhaps this could also be making you oily? And instead of washing your face, you could try using blotting sheets (try finding sheets without any powder on
  5. Hi. I visited a dermatologist today who took one look at my face and recommended Roaccutane. I've been wanting to go on it for the longest time now, but my mother was very reluctant since she knew of the side affects it could cause. Basically, my skin is incredibly oily all over. 2 hours after washing is usually all it takes before I begin to feel like an oil painting. T-zone, forehead, cheeks, even my damn jaw is oily. I've actually given up blotting since a) my blotting sheets break me out a
  6. oh my goodness, let me tell you that i can wholeheartedly relate. i'm so sorry you're going through this man. i literally spend 80% of my waking hours thinking about how my skin looks: avoiding certain lighting, visualizing how gross i look, avoiding mirrors like the plague, standing/sitting in places that will cast shadows on my face. i also broke out on my right side last December. it was bad, but it's cleared up until recently. now i've started to break out on my left side, which was what i w