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  1. Hi! I am 16 and have persistent mild/moderate acne. I managed to clear it just over a year ago by cutting out sugary and fatty foods, but it came back this summer when I went to India for 2 weeks. Since then I have tried everything to get rid of it, I have a good skincare routine, I use a topical treatment (zindaclin) and I have cut out dairy, sugar, fat, processed food, most meats, nuts and high GI foods and only drink water, but my skin is still not clear! Do you any advice on how I could h
  2. Hi! Im going to India for 2 weeks this Friday, and am looking forward to it, but I am worried about how it will affect my skin, as I know that it will be very hot and humid! Do you have any tips for preventing breakouts whilst travelling and when I am away? I have mild acne and it is not too bad right now, with makeup it barely noticeable and I really dont want it to get any worse- especially as I am going back to school a few days later! I will try not to wear makeup when I am there. I am also
  3. When I was in year 8, this guy who I was good friends with used to count my spots whenever he saw me, which encouraged other people to do it too. My acne wasn't severe, but I felt so self conscious about it! What really annoyed me was the fact that he always had perfect skin, so didn't understand why it upset me so much.