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Picture Comments posted by kelsinator16

  1. Hey- I'm looking forward to reading how the Tazorac is working out. My son is 16 and has really similar acne to yours, it's on his cheeks, no big pimples but small red pimples. And the leftover marks look like pimples too. He's fair with some redness to his cheeks. He's tried a lot of different things to treat the acne but nothing ever clears it up completely. BP probably worked best but was never super great.

    He tried Taz very briefly over a year ago, but didn't stick with it for very long. It seemed to make his skin more red and he was trying it after using Retin A for several months with no success. So he had gotten fed up with retinoids and didn't stick with it. Our tube is almost near expiration date and I was thinking of having him try it again, so I'm interested to hear how it works for you. Good luck!,

    I've seen a lot of improvement on my left cheek since I posted my most recent pics which is weird that it happened so sportaticly. But I have gotten really disappointed at times where I felt like nothing would work and I should give up but I stuck with it and I am really hoping this is my lucky charm. But it sounds like your son and I are having similar issues so I'll keep this updated for sure! Thanks!

  2. We have such similar skin problems!! My acne is also on both sides of my cheeks, and looks identical to yours... just wondering if youve had any luck? smile.png

    Hey! It's nice to see someone with the same problem as me haha. Well I've definitely noticed that the balance of my face has "normalized". There's less oiliness and less dryness. But it takes at least 3 months to work fully and I've only been using it for about a month. A lot of the acne on my face Ive noticed is scars that look like pimples, but I do still have acne. So I'm gonna stick it out and see the results! I go back to the dermatologist in mid-Feburary so we will see!! What have you tried?