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  1. I haven't visited the dermatologist yet, but I'm at my wits end dealing with my acne. Hopefully, he will let me go on Accutane and I will track my progress here. This is my skin as of now. I am currently not on any treatment for acne.
  2. Ok, thanks. Looks like this next semester is going to be a tough one.
  3. So, I have an appointment set to see a Derm in about a month (I'm on their cancellation call list, so hopefully sooner) and I was wondering, how long does it actually take to start taking Accutane? From what I understand, they need to perform bloodwork and pregnancy tests for women. School will be starting soon for me and I figure, the sooner I start taking it, the better (If he prescribes it to me, that is.). What have your experiences been? How long did it take from first visit to fir