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  1. seems to be that many of the affected can still get hard but the issue is numbness, erections go down very easily, weaker erections and weak orgasms. 5ar inhibition must have something to with it
  2. Hi, I suffer from ED and low libido for 1.5 year. Now my balls are smaller, I have dead flaccid penis and sometimes hourglass shape when erected. There is physical changes in my genitals. I can define it as penis muscle atrophy. So I think it is more than depression. Have exact same problem, there's definately a physical component
  3. it would be great if that Cochrane collaboration could look into accutane clinical trials, I'm sure Roche being the criminals they are probably shredded all the juicy stuff a while back though
  4. I used to moisturise and use medicated shampoo for my constantly flaking scalp but I just gave up in the end. The moisturisers don't seem to be absorbed properly by my skin. Definately no point going back to a derm about this, they defend accutane as fiercely as though you were attacking there child
  5. Yes 10 years later I still have this and I feel sunburnt all the time. My skin is constantly dry, tight and uncomfortable and can't tan at all. Sucks a massive scrotum
  6. Would love a one year follow up study on those people!! Do hormones levels stay suppressed or return to baseline??
  7. That was a difficult read, I've had shocking sexual problems since tane among many others. Is sexual dysfunction listed a side effect today or not?
  8. Sounds familiar. I often get these headaches, but they're not normal headaches. It feels more like pressure in my head, like you described it and it's not the whole head, it's the front of the brain. Is it same for you? I usually get it in school in afternoon or when I try to do something which requires complex thinking. I've thought it has something to do with dryness or depression/anxiety. Accutane= chemical lobotomy
  9. I'm keen on the village to, however I'm not sure we would be a very productive little society with all the chronic fatigue and pot smoking going around
  10. The author of this research paper is a German professor who works close to the place where I live. I contacted him a couple of months ago via email and asked exactly this question. His answer was, that the Fox01 gene reaches its normal level again after you stop taking accutane. accutane only has an effect as long as you take it. The professor wrote, that in 25 years of clinical praxis he has not seen one case with irreversibel side effects. This was his answer (and not my opinion). did you ask
  11. I'm from aus to timatron and will probably do this as well, let me know how it goes
  12. How can docs say this forum and many others are bullshit when you have hundreds of people complaining about the exact same side effects years after taking the drug. It just doesn't make sense. SO FRUSTRATING!!! A clean easy to navigate site/forum with all the scientific studies showing negative sides of accutane is definately needed. Docs are only interested in the science not the living proof.
  13. Trying to persuade ppl to steer clear of accutane is not dissimilar to banging your head against a brick wall. Unless you have severe cystic acne I don't know how anyone could read through this thread and still decide to take accutane. TrmperateCent, the fact you know ppl who have taken accutane without problems is completely irrelevant. Do you want to be the next person to join the ppl on this board with sexual problems, chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, permanently dry sun sensitive sk