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  1. I'm sick and tired of picking and picking and, inevitably, destroying the hell out of my skin. If only I were to just leave it alone for about a week, I'd have immaculate, glowing skin. Though due to my nervous habit, I can't seem to stop clawing at my face and I just don't know what to do anymore because it's become an uncontrollable stress reliever. I love the satisfaction of digging into my face and picking at scabs. Obviously this does nothing positive for me. I end up with a bloody face, ye
  2. Smells nice, feels nice, though didn't do my skin any good

    Smells phenomenal Face feels absolutely clean and minty once dried and rinsed off Not expensive Not for acne prone skin Irritating Dries out your face Amazing scent I have to admit. I've noticed whenever you're dealing with little beads in a face wash, if you don't absolutely 100 % wash them all off, you will get skin that looks rash like in appearance. (Which may trick you into thinking it's acne but it's actually just irritation) Overall I don't believe cleansers with beads in them are any go