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  1. Drink decaf if you don't already, caffeine will cause breakouts. Well for me it does. Drink half your body weight in Fluid oz per day. Or try and have atleast 65+. Weight lifting can cause breakouts I believe, I just run, do pullups and pushups. Don't stress about it. I see people everyday with acne that look good and can pull off the look, maybe you can too.
  2. I wouldn't touch them in any way what so ever as this can spread underneath and increase sebum production. its what I heard so im trying to stop but its hard
  3. how do you manage no food? Where do you get energy? Doesn't it make you starving all the time? I fast for like 12-16 hrs sometimes but not days. I am interested in trying it for like 3 days but that's as far as I would go. Can I have a guide on how to do it properly
  4. I agree but I eat lots more than that. Strawberries, blueberries, kale and apple smoothies, almonds, pistachios, beef jerkey. MEATBALLS... Cetaphil Gentle skin cleanser
  5. The lighting looks different so I cant tell completely but I would say yes. The redness went down a lot too
  6. Ok so I am following up and after a few days of eating like this my skin has a few pimples but one of them is really red and irritated. I am going back to my healthy diet because I felt like the biggest bum eating like that. I didn't want to do anything but sit down and sleep or eat. BTW the red bull was for getting through my evil 9 hour shift at work, and nothing else was giving me energy at all. Im going to try and detox all that shit I ate so I am going 110 percent for the next couple we
  7. Hi I have been on a really good clean diet for a few months and today I wanted to see if I ate lots of sugar and stuff what would happen. Today I had: Lots of glazed donuts/munchkins, hoagies, corn dogs, redbull, it was so much unhealthy shit it was crazy. I have been eating super healthy for a few months and noticed that I feel like shit after eating this, but I feel happy that im enjoying myself. Basically just wanted to test the whole diet acne thing. I have cleared a lot since changing t
  8. I do not eat grains, dairy, processed foods. I eat the following every day: Omega 3 enriched eggs, almonds, strawberries, blueberries, carrots, sweet potatoes, salads (I use balsamic because it is so good) fish some days like tuna, wild salmon. Just keep it healthy. Oh and grilled chicken a lot
  9. I cleared up so much when I started eating a very healthy diet, exercise daily, taking vitamin d supplements, getting sun exposure, and using cetaphil GENTLE skin cleanser. Just be as gentle as possible with your skin and eat healthy. Drink lots and lots of water. Good luck
  10. rinse your face with water if possible very gently but If you cant then idk
  11. my marks faded so much thank god but are still there. they used to be BRIGHT red all over my face, now its not even that noticeable. My acne has been gradually decreasing over time but I am still getting it :/
  12. eat a lot of sugar they will become red and go away? lol, well that's what would happen to me regardless of what I ate, because I have shitty luck.