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  1. This definately looks like a keloid. I have some which were greatly reduced by painless, insurance covered cortisone injections done by my derm in office.
  2. Hi everyone! I have two big huge scabby cysts....one on my chin and one in the MIDDLE OF MY NOSE! I am going out tomorrow for st patricks day and need something. ANy rememdies or techniques to bring these babies down. PLEASE HELP!
  3. Hi everyone! I have two big huge scabby cysts....one on my chin and one in the MIDDLE OF MY NOSE! I am going out tomorrow for st patricks day and need something. ANy rememdies or techniques to bring these babies down. PLEASE HELP!
  4. Hey all! I am an acne scar sufferer like many here, but now I have a new problem. I have an ovarian tumor, which is 99% benign, but I am still very scared to have surgery! I go in Friday at 6 am.....46 hours AHHHH!!!!! I am of courese scared about having cancer but my tumor looks completely benign and has passed all tests with flying colors thus far. But ti be honest, I have alot of scars and keloids on my back, and I am so embarrassed to have to be naked in front of a whole room of surgeons a
  5. i guess i was not clear. I am not getting surgery to remove my scars, but rather an abnoramlity in my abdomin. I have an ovarian cyst, but I am nervouse for my scars to be seen during this surgery!
  6. hey all! I am unfortunately plagued with scars all over my bak, keloids and hypertrophics....ugh! anwyas I of course hide these scars at all times, and I have surgery coming up and I am very anxious about how I must be nude and expose my scars to all these doctors! i am of coirse worried about my health, but I cannot help but be anxious about this, since the scars cause me so much pain and anxiety about them being seen.... More than I am afraid of showing them to doctors, I am concerned that
  7. ive been on erythromycin for two years and if i ever took it on an empty stomach i would puke my brains out.
  8. i tried this method on a keloid on my arm and it makes it 10 times worse. I have been using super cp serum on it and had a cortisone injection in it and now after about 5 months it is how it was before i used compound w. I am glad you had good results but I am warning others to just be careful. good luck!!!
  9. copper peptides along with peels gave me about a 50% improvemnet in my scars from daily use for one year
  10. angel


    did you have such a great attitude with your derm too?
  11. Hello! I use 50% glycolic. I have been using glycolic for a year though and I think my skin will soon build a tolerance against it, although I am currently still getting improvements. I think soon I will move to salicylic (probably 20%) or lactic acid (probably 50%). Remember I am using these peels on my back so I leave it on for awhile. I do use the 50% glycolic on my face occasionally although I have very minor scarring. I am just going for overall better skin tone. The 50% burns my face so
  12. Hey geordie. I too HAD pretty severe scarring, now I would say it is moderate. I had bad cystic acne on my back that left alot of scars. Devasting. Unfortunately I have some keloids on my shoulders which I hate the most and I know these will never go away, but I have gotten them pretty flat and light in color with frequent cortisone injections. I have lots of white raised scars that have improved about 60% or more in the past year from using super cp serum, glycolic exfol cream, and glycolic
  13. Hello all. I am going to do TCA Criss on a couple indents I have. I am only going to use 25%. First, do you think this is WAY too low? I dont care if it takes 20 times to do it, I am just scared to use something as strong as 100. Also, now how hardto you have to push this toothpick in? I was suprised whne I heard about this harshness but I guess that is what works. Now I am pushing it about as hard as I can before it would break skin? Thank you for any advice! Tkae care all!
  14. Just in case anyone was interested, PerriSkinCare (homepeels.com) sells a 10% salicylic acid astringment. Probably not great to use on sensitive skin, as it burns even on my tough skin, but I love it. It zaps any active acne very quickly and make my skin really soft. Plus its very quick to use! I dont think its too much $. Less than $20 I believe....
  15. Hello everyone, I havent been on the board in awhile but I had seen a thread that was by ObsessedwithSkin's older brother saying that there was a suicide attempt. What has happened? Is he okay? Does anyone know where the thread went? Thank you VERY much!!!!