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  1. The large ones in the bottom left picture look like they have the potential to become scars. Fingers crossed that they won't, though!
  2. I was on marvelon for years and it didn't help my acne, but it didn't make it worse either.
  3. Carrie2013 - thank you! I have calmed down a lot since I started this thread! RoseOrALilly - those bunch of small, shallow scars in my photos look slightly better now, a few months later. I don't think any have disappeared completely but they are less pronounced. I'm not obsessing or panicking about them anymore either, so that probably improves my perception of them. Sorry to hear you're going through something similar...acquiring a bunch of scars quickly. It really does help to try to
  4. Hey, I know how annoying it is to almost always be dealing with some sort of a break out. I break out in that same area but with cysts and nodules. You should be happy, though, that the rest of your skin is in such great condition! I haven't used the regimen but from what I've read from other posts, you have to stick it out for longer than a couple weeks to see results.... just like with a lot of other treatments. Don't expect everything to clear up immediately or you'll be disappointed e
  5. Something that helps me is remembering that no one cares what I look like even a tiny fraction of the amount that I do. Even if people do notice acne or scars, they might think about it for 10 seconds but won't bother to think about it much longer than that. Edit: I should add that I don't mean that in a self-deprecating way at all. It's just that people are pretty busy thinking about themselves most of the time.
  6. Two weeks seems like a short amount of time but it's possible it'll help clear you up. Of course, whatever caused you to break out in the first place might cause you to break out again after the course of antibiotics.
  7. You might just be getting to an age where you are beginning to scar, unfortunately. Or it could be because you keep getting cysts in that same area and it's doing damage to the skin, making it prone to scarring. Those small indentations might improve over time if you can give that area time to heal and do your best to prevent future break outs.
  8. I'm talking about indented scarring and I know that tracy is too.
  9. I don't think you should mention them to him. He might not have even noticed them and if he has, he probably thought about them for about 2 seconds and hasn't thought about them since. In most cases, scars won't scare guys off.... but there's a good chance insecurity will!
  10. Warm compresses work quite well for me. I also do the aspirin thing as mentioned above. Usually big, inflamed spots like that will last at least a week and sometimes a lot longer. The fact that it has been there three days isn't anything to worry about in itself.
  11. I don't think anyone is arguing that we can turn our genes on and off "like a light switch" by making lifestyle changes. I was simply stating that gene expression and environment are not independent.
  12. It will most likely return in full force once you go off Diane. Many people who didn't even have acne before starting Diane have a massive breakout a few weeks or even months after stopping the pill. I do remember seeing a post by one girl, though, that went off Diane and started the regimen and it did keep her face clear. I think she might be the exception to the rule, though. I wouldn't count on it working.
  13. Yeah, that sounds like what I get. I've never been able to figure out if they are cysts or nodules, to be honest. That's good that you aren't scarring much. I also have red marks that stick around for so long and I can never go without makeup out in public. Hmm maybe your hormones are still out of whack from going off yaz for two weeks and starting up again mid cycle and that's why it isn't working nearly as quickly this time. It seems ridiculous that something like that could cause issu
  14. lifelong confusion, are you scarring from your cysts? If not, as much as it absolutely sucks to endure relentless breakouts, I don't think you'll really know if yaz is capable of working for you unless you wait a couple more months. If you're scarring, then it's more urgent to stop the breakouts. Do you have the option of getting cortisone injections? Regarding antibiotics, I haven't taken them for acne, but I have read of several peoples' breakouts stopping quite quickly after beginning ant
  15. Your scarring is really minimal. Don't risk doing anything even remotely harsh! My boyfriend has skin like that and before I knew anything about acne scars, I had never noticed a single thing about his skin. I didn't even know what the heck a scarred pore was until I joined this site. I bet no one notices them at all. Take a couple steps back from the mirror... your skin looks good!