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  1. Here's a cliche that holds true - looks don't matter in relationships. A relationship that's based on superficial aspects is going to fall apart eventually. Yes, there has to be an initial attraction but that's not entirely tied to physical traits. It's determined by complex chemistry between two people. Again, different people put different weight on these traits. So in your personal experience, the majority of people you've encountered find acne off-putting. That still doesn't mean a
  2. The 'real world' isn't a hive mind. You can't lump the preferences of human beings into one cut and dry category (i.e. "If I look like X, I'll be attractive to everyone.") I find it interesting that so many on this forum are hypercritical and quick to dismiss others for the very trait that we share in common (acne).
  3. Absolutely, the makeup you wear can make a difference. I had to stop using Everyday Minerals because I noticed whenever I applied it over a blemish, the skin became incredibly irritated. Since I switched to a lighter coverage, liquid foundation I noticed a remarkable difference in my skin and thankfully I haven't broken out since. Please keep in mind that your skin is different from anyone else's and the key is experimenting to find what suits you best. A product that makes someone break o
  4. What's more important is to ask yourself - why would you want to date a girl who's judgemental about acne? Along the same lines, a lot of women are attracted to men who have a more withdrawn and reserved personality. What society tells us: women seek men with perfectly clear skin, chiseled features and extroverted personality types. The truth: people have individual needs when it comes to seeking a partner. Women don't all want the same type of man, regardless of what our society and Y
  5. I haven't ventured in that section of the forum yet but I can totally imagine!
  6. Honestly, to curb the obsession, NOT visiting these forums helps a great deal. Obviously these topics are centered on acne....and by dwelling on possible treatments and reading about depression triggers, you can lapse into a mindset that your biggest priority should be clear skin. I noticed that when I'd see a new blemish (even a very minor one), my mood would be affected much more severely if I'd been visiting these forums than if I hadn't.
  7. I'm having a horrendous breakout on my chin thanks to a surge of hormones. So here comes my boss to make awkward small talk....and her eyes are zoned in on my chin the entire time. Really? Now sometimes people's eyes drift and they can't help it....but to just stare throughout the entire conversation. *sigh* And of course the pressure is on to be nice with her being my supervisor and all. I'd rather just not leave the house. <.<
  8. I wish her videos would've been up during the worst periods of acne I had. It would've made me feel *so* much better. She has an amazing attitude and outlook on life.
  9. I feel you because I know how incredibly tempting it is! It's the most tempting when I've got a painful one that has a massive white head, just begging to be squeezed. What I do to stop myself is I start this argument for myself: Do I want what's best for the short-term or long-term? Short-term: I'll purge the pimple in hopes it will disappear sooner with the potential of spreading bacteria or scarring Long-term: Leaving the pimple be knowing that it will eventually heal, and min
  10. Thank you all for the supportive comments I'm sorry you have had similar experiences - seems the harshest words can come from parents. I don't have children but if I did, it'd be in the back of my mind how my comments could have an impact on their emotional health. I admit I'm too insecure about my skin to go without makeup but I'm obsessive over choosing the right products for my skin. It's these stupid hormonal fluctuations that seem to get the best of me. What makes me feel better -
  11. My self-image is distorted - my mom and ex-boyfriend* didn't help matters. When I have even a minor breakout, it's devastating because of how it consumes my thoughts. Neither my mom or ex had acne at any point in their lives yet they thought they knew everything about it. When I'd break out with one or more cysts on my face, they would lecture me about it relentlessly and blame me for it. They'd tell me, "Quit putting all that crap on your face" or "Stop wearing makeup." Here's the pa
  12. I had the absolute worst cystic acne when I was on Aviane. I'm curious if ALL brands of the pill would make me break out in the same way?
  13. How painful the injections are depends on where the cyst is and what your personal tolerance is. I've had experiences that were completely painfree and others where my eyes were watering because the pain was so intense. You'll see the cyst start to really flatten out typically within 48 hours so don't get discouraged if you don't see immediate results. Having fluid drained is about as painful as the cortisone being injected, maybe less because you're decreasing the pressure as opposed to incr
  14. I completely agree. Second opinions are invaluable. I used to go to a derm who wouldn't listen to a word I said. Either he had the worst short term memory in the world or was just a crappy derm. So I stopped going to him and any advice he gave me I discarded and it's probably the best thing I've ever done when it comes to treating my acne.
  15. Guaranteed you start noticing problems when your older. I guarantee EVERYONE will notice problems when they're older. It's called AGING. :) Okay, this is snide, passive aggressive and really inappropriate coming from a mod. Who are you to say that more severe side effects that can be attributed to Accutane aren't delayed in their manifestation and won't show themselves until at a later age? You honestly think everyone ages equally and experiences ailments on the same level as woul