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  1. hey hey the 35] is just to indicate the number of the video i have made please ignore it
  2. hey hey all this information i have written myself from my knowledge and studies i have done i have studied beauty in college so this is what i have put together from everything i have learnt but most of it is from personal experiences . i do have videos on my youtube channel that are more in depth i have a acne series and i will have another video up tomorrow (10 july 2013 ) please have a look at my channel IT IS (kaysbeautybox) please subscribe for more and if you have any questions or want
  3. it is really tough but it makes us stronger
  4. hey hey im kay i have had an acne problem for 5 years and a very bad case of acne i have cystic acne and it it very painful and irritated most of the time . when i was in grade 7 my acne started it wasn't at it worst but it was bad more than anything it was painful not just physically painful but emotionally painful .at the time i was the only one in my class with acne and no1 knew how to react i never used foundation or anything to hide it because i assumed it would make it worse and in a few
  5. try applying a bb cream under you foundation and concealer the bb cream will help remove scaring as you treat it helps reduce acne the garnier bb cream helped with my acne and use a setting spray instead of powder foundation and if you want more information on acne go have a look at my youtube channel (kaysbeautybox) i have a few videos up on acne and i will have 3 more up this week or at least by the 11 june 2013 my internet has been giving me problems so as soon as i sort it out the videos wil