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  1. I'm guessing you have a lot of whiteheads, or pimples with "tops"? Yes, washing your face can easily make these pop, but not if you are gentle. I'm slightly worried about your dermatologist, since washing your face with a cleanser is better in every scenario, if you do it right. I am not a dermatologist, but i have years and years of experience batteling acne, and this is my tip. USE A CLEANSER, lather it up in your palms, but do not touch your face. Yes, you read it right, do not touch you
  2. Yes, dry skin can cause acne. It is very important to moisturize, but do not use too much moisturizer. When the skin is dried out, there is a dead cell build up on top of your skin, that may clog pores. BUT, while using BP, it is very important to not moisturize too early after applying the BP. The BP exfoliates the top layer of the skin, and then works it's way down. This takes time, so make sure to moisturize at least 10-20 mins after applying the BP, not too early. When you use too much
  3. What you are experiencing is dried out skin. You know when you got sunburnt, and the skin is kind of rough and "shiny"? Same thing. The top layer of your skin is not moisturized, hence it creates a sort of dead skin layer on top that just simply is SHINY. Our skin got a protective barrier made out of sebum (oil), when can be damaged by over-washing skin or alcohol, this is what you experience right now. The moisture is deep in the skin, but not on top. I would recommend trying to wash your
  4. It seems to be an overall good product. The 0.5% BHA may be ineffective, due to its low concetration. But together with retinol, it might work for you. The products contains a lot of mineral oils, and when i say a lot, i mean A LOT. Some people find mineral oil good for their skin, since it creates a "protective barrier", much like your own skin creates with sebum. But some people find mineral oil comodogenic (clogs pores), but that's just induvidual. Summary: It contains very good ingredie