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  1. Just from my own research and skin and non expert opinion I have recently found that iron deficiencies and hormonal imbalances no matter how slight make the skin much more succeptable to scarring. I rec everyone with scars get these levels checked. Take iron if needed, correct any hormonal imbalances and take bio sil. Has anyone else noted this? Just wanted to come back and share. Hope everyone is doing well.
  2. Hi guys! . I just wanted to update here since I get LOADS of pms almost everyday, and its getting tougher for me to answer them in a timely manner, I wanted to post here the answers to the most asked questions. I hope this helps someone. 1. My improvements have held up. Iam still super super pleased with my results. My scars seem/are a thing of the past.A very sad past, one I am glad is done with. Really a "pinch me" am I dreaming type thing.Its been like 2 1/2 maybe 3 years since I started
  3. Iam so sorry that this has happened to you two. May I ask who were your doctors? Also, have any of you had a history of allergies? Mary, have You yourself been allergic to silicone in cosmetics? Thank you and god bless you both.
  4. Hello to all, :mrgreen: Its been a long time! I know most folks fix their scarring and never come back, so I wanted to come back and just let everyone know how I finally got 95% improvement. Though most of you, due to lack of proper information in the media, and propoganda put out there so you will keep spending and being dependent on these derms, wont like it. But my goal now, is to see if I can help anyone out there. Firstly, in spite of my previous posts, smoothbeam, needling, topical
  5. Hello all.I wanted to let you know what has worked the most for myself in removing red marks/discolorations, and keeping a nice even tone to my skin. I am not a fan of topicals generally, as their effect continues only per maintained product usage, but this little puppy is excellent at removing make up at night, and toning. Though it isnt a toner exactly, its an everything product because it contains lactic acid to exfoliate too.It gives you an intense "tingle" with each use.But be forewarned,