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  1. Updated 1st post with new pics and progress. Update #1 - 7/13/2013 -------------------- 10 Days after my first application with the 1.5mm Dermaroller and Vitamin E oil. I've been made aware of this DMAE cream by a member on this board and I've seen people get some great results with it, so I decided to order it. I've been using it for the past two nights. And I'll be using it after my next roll in a few weeks. I sweat quite a lot at my daily job and the environment
  2. Thank you so much for all the very helpful, nice and informative replies, everyone. I somehow get the feeling I'm probably not rolling hard enough... considering I really only bleed on my cheeks and my forehead usually, which happens to be where the skin is closest to the bone. I'll be puffy and red for the night, and slightly red for the next two days, but after that I'm pretty much back to normal. Except for my forehead and cheeks as I mentioned earlier, which seem to sort of scab ove
  3. Greetings, everyone. I've decided to choose the dermaroller as my choice to reduce my acne scarring, and I will be documenting it inside this thread. I suffered cystic acne for around 6-7 years in my teenage years. Although, I had tried many remedies such as tea tree oil and cleaning up my diet, I was to no avail and it only stopped when I finally went on a course of Accutane. A good thing I took from that experience is, I lost quite a lot of weight when I started dieting and e