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  1. Sooo, I found out about the Dermaroller while waiting on my TCA. I never got my TCA, actually. Apparently my post office had some difficulties dropping it off? Dunno, but either way, I'm waiting on another to be sent. But again, in the meantime, I found this Dermaroller thing and I just did my face this evening. I took before, during (where I bled), and will take another tomorrow, then maybe one in about six weeks. I'll post them then.
  2. I don't know, my face is fairly tough. I have seen different doctors do it different ways (such as some doctors "scrub" the acid solution on the face vs. using a soft cotton ball - I'll research that very thoroughly first, though). Again, I'll be sure to come back and post pics. Trust me, I'll be careful Thanks for the good luck...I'll probably need it! lol
  3. I posted here 10 years ago. I posted several (pretty gross) pics of my results before and after using 25% TCA. I am now 42 (good grief, did I just admit that out loud). I have not used TCA since then. Here is what I've been doing over the last 10 years instead: I exfoliate every single night with my scruffy rag using antibacterial hand soap. The rag is fairly rough. That's about it. I just recently started using Eucerin lotion after splashing my face with cold water several times, the
  4. Okay guys...here goes...I did my third treatment on 7/19 and it is has been 11 days now..I am still healing so there are a few spots of scabbing. I think I did good on this one cause I left it on for a full 10 minutes!...However, I only did my cheek area and wish I had done my entire face again...oh well. It seems to heal faster if I do an area at a time. I am going to do my upper lip area and chin...bet I will look like I have a mustache and a goatee when I am healing...hahaha I'll put a pic
  5. Hi Cajun Lou..nice to meet ya! Sorry guys, no new pics yet...I have been so busy. We have been house hunting for about 3 months now and this whole process, in addition to work and family life, is so very time consuming. As soon as a I get a chance, I will post more recent pics. P.S. I just did another peel last week. I will wait for about a month and then take a pic so you can see. So far, my face looks smoother...I just wish I could quit picking at it!!! DHOUSTON: I apologize for f
  6. Okay, it's been a while, but someone PMd me regarding my face. I haven't taken any pics in a while except for this black and white one that I was using for a self portait drawing I did (recently began drawing in graphite). So, here it is. I know it's hard to tell in this black and white photo, but my face still looks better than before. It is way more even and less ruddy. As soon as I begin doing more peels after summer is over, I will update again (with color photos!).
  7. OK, that may be true. I've been on the board for one year, but I was very passibe or absent for 8 months in the middle. I haven't seen your photos except the roll-CIT right-after photo. If they are no where to be seen, it is understandable many others haven't seen them either. I've tried to find photos of subscision and about their results, also photos about needling and the long term results. Neither I have found using the Search tool or randomly trying to look through the Gallery. The big ne
  8. Last one for a couple of months (I'm sure some of you are happy 'cause you are tired of seeing my face...hehe). I hope these have helped someone, hell...anyone!! It's not too often that I show my "most hideous, ugliest, and shameful" pics to the world!!! I just remember all the times I looked for before and after pics to help me make my decision and I have to say, there were not too many out there, especially none as personal and close up as mine. Therefore, I did this for all the "me-people