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  1. I'd rather avoid tetracyclin-based antibiotics because I had a severe reaction to oxytetracycline; I could go back on erythromycin, but after taking it for 2 years I doubt it'll be incredibly effective. When my doctor comes back from annual leave I'm going to ask about Trimothorprim or whatever it's called.
  2. I've been doing that for nine years
  3. I've tried minocycline, oxytetracycline, accutane and erythromycin; what can I ask for next? Erythromycin worked great; accutane worked great until I started to lose hair, minocycline did nothing and I had a severe reaction to oxytetracycline. Ideally I'd like to avoid tetracycline-based antibiotics, and I don't really like topical creams (how the hell are you gonna reach your back too btw). Any suggestions would be great (also I'm with a GP, not a dermatologist)
  4. I've heard from a lot of people that even the dirt-cheap ones on ebay are exact dupes for the £150 ones. I'm considering getting one with my next paycheck (super skint at the moment haha)
  5. I use Aloe religiously and have never reacted like that to it; but once I offered it to my boyfriend and it made his face purply-red too and it eventually went all crusty like a chemical burn! So I'd be careful if you're sensitive to it
  6. Welll; I started drinking this Fenugreek tea lots and lots for about five days now; and I'm completely clear already My whole back is clear as well as face and neck; so there's got to be some truth to his theories have fun with your hate calling people idiots for supposed nonsense which works. 'Don't know it till you try it'
  7. Zefferson; what's your theory on the cause of acne? You've said that it's a disease of the blood, but how do you "contract" the disease? I'm really excited to see how this all works out and I'll make sure to let everyone know if minimal milk + the tea works ^^
  8. Honey and cinnamon make the nicest facemasks; only problem is I end up licking it all of because it's so tasty
  9. I was on 30mg for the first two weeks and then 60mg for the second two; I'm an 100kg 6'2 male.
  10. Okay I'll try it ^^ Thanks a lot for your help
  11. I have been on numerous antibiotics since 15; i'm 19 now.
  12. I've read that if a cyst is bad enough it forces surrounding hairs to go into telogen; which are then easily plucked out. See I'm not 100% sure it's milk which is the problem; this week I've been only eating and drinking dairy products because my wisdom teeth are coming from; so loads of smoothies, milkshakes and icecream. I haven't broken out as of yet though.
  13. So my skin is pretty much 98% clear except that I constantly get cysts in my sideburn area! Even if I don't shave the little bit in front of my ear so it's an extension of my hairline it'll turn into a horrible cyst and end up with a clump of hair coming out and just being generally disgusting. Any advice on how to stop/prevent this?