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  1. I had RF Microneedling and the "grid marks/spots" did go away within a week.
  2. Hi All, I am looking for a doctor that performs the TCA Cross Treatment in the San Francisco Bay Area. Your replies will be appreciated!
  3. Does anyone know of any doctors performing TCA Cross Treatment in the San Francisco Bay Area? Thanks
  4. Its best not to order TCA at all. TCA should only be administered by a professional.
  5. Hi My recommendation to you is NOT TO do the Cross treatment yourself. TCA is extremely dangerous and should only be done by a professional. TCA Cross treatment has risks, and self application will increase the chance of side effects.
  6. Hi All Does anyone have any information that they can share on the Sciton Micro Laser Peel and the Fraxel Laser. Thanks
  7. I was looking on the web and found out more information on Laser Skin Peels or Micro Skin Peels. Its a new laser bySciton. Its similiar to the new laser that Richard is referring too. Check out this web site http://www.perfectskincenter.com/laser-skin-resurfacing.htm
  8. Hi, I just heard of a new procedure called, Laser Skin Peels, its a cross between Micodermabrasion and CO2 and Embrium lasers with littke or no down time. Can anyone tell me more about this. Thanks
  9. Hi- I read recently that new studies show that ALA does NOT help with scars and wrinkles.
  10. Steve, I think this is the one 781 was trying to get you to see....
  11. dude, seriously go back to pg41 or read almost any post by Healtysceptic