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  1. Acne on the forehead is often an indicator of stress. This is most likely why you are getting these pimpes. However, it also looks as if a product is irritating you. I would look into both of these things!
  2. has anyone else tried the vitamin regimen lately?
  3. Im really suprised that the aloe vera made you breakout. Are you sure it was just natural aloe vera? No added oils or anything? And as for the spots, cheek spots are the hardest to get out unfortuanetely. I havent found anything yet to remove these spots
  4. The Benzyl Peroxide is completely fine! I was thinking about getting a tube myself to help a little bit. Just make sure you use it in moderation the combination of vitamins and benzyl peroxide will help
  5. Hey everyone, so I've had this tube of Retin-A (tretinoin cream) for a while now (about a year) but haven't really used it. When I first got it I used it for some time but not long enough to see it work. I don't remember an initial breakout, but I do remember dry skin. I've been off it for about 6 months (maybe a little less) and have decided to use it again. However, I'm probably going to start using it with antibiotics and vitamins. What should I expect? How long will it take for things to cl
  6. Definetely the Vitamin A or the Zinc. The Vitamin D would have to come in second
  7. Hey everyone, I'm 15 and for the past three years I've dealt with acne. I know this isn't a long time, but I tried many products that could possibly help my acne. This includes almost every face wash and cleansing kit, toner, benzyl peroxide, salicylic acid, Retin-A cream, monocylin and other antibiotics. My acne began getting worse just this year with acne on my cheeks, temples, chin, and forehead. I told another 15 year old on this forum my little regimen and he stated that I saved his summer.
  8. Oh my god dude. I've been taking a mutli-vitamin, zinc & calcium tablet, and a probiotic for a few days now and I can already see a huge difference. I'm still getting very mild acne in a few areas, but it is not very noticeable. I haven't got one of those huge pimples I kept getting on my cheek since the day I started taking the vitamins. You literally saved my summer. Before the vitamins I was embarrassed to leave the house, and now I'm looking forward to a vacation in a week. Thanks a lot
  9. My brother is the same way. In my family, my dads side doesn't have good skin. My moms side has completely flawless skin. Really it's just genetics and whether your skin is acne prone or not. I'm the same way as you are. I eat icecream and I breakout the next day with a much oilier face. Two days ago my brother who has great skin literally took pizza and slapped it on his face and rubbed it in to prove a point. He didnt wash his face the entire day until he got into the shower. Even then he didn
  10. The rest of my face is pretty clear. My forehead is, my t-zone, temples have a little bit, chin is clear except for the sides, and lip area is flawless. I think I'm going to buy some of the acne.org benzyl peroxide and put it on my face at night. I might do a modified version of the regimen
  11. Hey man, I'm 15 and am in the same boat you are. I only have acne on my cheeks and had mild acne for most of my time. What you really need to do is find a way to stop this before it gets worse. Pimples on the cheeks scar really easily, which sucks. I have moderate acne (almost moderately severe) but fortunately it has been clearing up recently. I've had cheek acne for a little bit of time but I'm pretty sure I found out how to clear it up for us teenager. Ask your mom or drive yourself to the ne
  12. Improvement! Glad to say that I've seen some improvement! This is with nothing but a mild cleanser and some vitamins. Currently taking Vitamin A, E, D, Zinc, probiotic, Fenugreek capsule, and Bee pollen. Anyone think I should remove one or two vitamins out of the mix? Skin hasn't been as oily these past few days. Have been using moisturizer with SPF 15. I don't really burn ever (italian skin) which is a good thing for the appearance of my face. I know I should get treatment but I really
  13. Hey guys sorry I havent posted any pics lately. Been really busy. Will be posting tomorrow! So far some okay results with just vitamins and mild face wash. I know i should be heading to derm but I havent had the time lately. So far, my acne has been clearing up but very slowly. Im worried that ill be clear and then next football practice it'll get worse again. Anyways, pics tomorrow!
  14. Day 2. I guess some progress but not enough that I'd like. I was out in the sun for a while yesterday without sunscreen. Didn't really get too thirsty but should've had a much better diet yesterday. Took my zinc, vitamin A, E, and D. Trying to get some flaxseed oil, vitamin C, and bee pollen.
  15. Okay so im gonna really try and cut out most of the dairy products from now on. Does anyone reccommend using benzyl peroxide or sylacilic acid?