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  1. Hi all, I haven't been on this website for a while.. but i am coming towards the end of my fourth month of Accutane. I must say the benefits of accutane are remarkable. Before my treatment, my dermatologist said i was ranked moderately severe with my acne. when i look back a few months.. I was scared to look in the mirror every morning as the thought of another pimple emerging was an ongoing threat. However currently I do not have any acne on my face, or if i do they are very minute no
  2. Biggs881: Yes mate my skin was really oily before i started accutane i needed to wash in the morning and at night just to remove the excess oil. But following accutane there isn't any present that's why i need to moisturise a little or its uncomfortably dry
  3. Thank you very much . I weigh 162lb and I am currently on 40mg of accutane per day, the dermatologist never tested for my height and weight he must have assumed that 40mg would be adequate for me.
  4. Hi, so far I am only currently on my second week of accutane. However I never experienced an instant breakout of my acne, which i was highly expecting. Before starting Accutane my dermatologist informed me that my acne was moderately severe, So far 95% of my Acne has dried up on my face and the remaining ones are not bothering me at the moment anyway! I have started experiencing EXTREMELY dry lips lip balm helps a little, but it is a more of a annoyance than a pain and my skin tends to look dry