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  1. Hey! how r u? & hows the regimen going? Didn't see u online for a while ..just checking!

  2. Hey! I feel like it depends on the person (and I'm sure many could also answer this with their own experiences). My skin purged a few times on the Regimen, and during the first few weeks it did a lot. It's totally normal. It goes through cycles where it clears a bit, then purges, until it's finally clear. But, although it cycles, it'll continuously get less intense. You'll notice an improvement in your skin over time.
  3. Nice! Congrats on making it this far. I was still breaking out during the beginning of month two...I've been clear for a few weeks My diet is actually super random...I eat everything. I'm not the healthiest, but I do exercise daily. My diet has never really affected my acne though; I know for some it does. Maybe if you keep a food journal you can note what might have made you break out. Other than that, wait out the next month and see what happens!
  4. Hey everyone! I just thought maybe I could boost some morale here and let everyone know that after being on the Regimen for 3 months, I'm clear! This is something that worked amazingly well for me, and I'm so glad I ended up taking the time to go through it. It's been extremely trying at times, but it was completely worth it. For all of you who are struggling or who are just starting, hang in there. This is the most success I've had in treating my skin. The results are awesome! Fee
  5. Hey guys, So, this is it! I've reached the end of my Regimen journey. It's been quite the adventure! After the full 3 suggested months, I'm finally clear. I still have hyperpigmentation issues, but that will also go away. After everything I've been through, I don't mind some temporary red marks. I just can't believe I've come this far. My skin is better than it's ever been on any other treatment I've tried. I would seriously recommend this to anyone with acne. This is the fi
  6. lizardanne

    Month 3

    The end of my Regimen journey :)
  7. Yeah it's been a tough adjustment but I'm waiting out this last month to see if I feel better. My boyfriend's noticed that my mood's been better during the 2nd month so that's good. I'm liking how my skin's doing on this pill, actually.
  8. Hmm...I might have to give it a try. I actually stopped using sunscreen because it was irritating my skin. My makeup has SPF in it, but I suppose it's not working? It's only SPF 15. I'm really not outside that often though...not sure. Some days my skin looks lighter than others. I know it's a side effect of the BP, but my skin looks like it just got a laser treatment or something haha. So weird.
  9. Thanks to both of you for the advice! I still have one more pack of OTC Lo, so I'm going to see how I feel. I also took a longer time to adjust emotionally to the Alesse, even though the hormone levels are super low and it's monophasic. I can't believe more estrogen has a calming effect...that's incredible. If I'm not satisfied with OTC Lo, I'll ask my doctor for OTC or some Yaz-like pill, I suppose! I wonder if my insurance covers those better than OTC Lo. I told my doctor about m
  10. I usually recommend Ortho Cyclen, or at last Ortho Tri Cyclen regular, over the Lo version for acne. The Lo version has less estrogen, and females with acne tend to do better with pills with more estrogen. And I like Ortho Cyclen over Ortho Tri Cyclen, because Ortho Cyclen gives you a steady dose of hormones each month. Sometimes the fluctuations of the Tri version flare up acne. Good for you for recognizing that Alesse is too androgenic for acne, though. Hmm, that makes sense. I'm not sure
  11. I'm on the Regimen, so I cleanse, treat with a finger's length of BP, and moisturize (with AHA every other night). In the past, I've tried Acanya, Adapalene, Doxycycline, microdermabrasion, Tretinoin, and natural treatments. Wow, I guess I should wait an extra month before judging my skin's condition? I've been using Dan's moisturizer with jojoba because I've been afraid of other ones making me break out. I could try Cetaphil, especially since I'll be running out of my moisturizer soon. A
  12. Hey! (: So I'm very proud of my progress on the Regimen thus far. My skin is looking a lot better! My red spots are fading and I'm mostly clear (still having minor breakouts every now and then). The only problem is that my skin is still extremely dry. I feel like nothing is helping! I've tried exfoliating with jojoba, I'm using AHA, I have no idea what to do. I've even ended up just scraping at my skin a few times, which is horrible! I don't know how to solve this problem without causing irr
  13. That doesn't look bad at all! And it'll get better with the AHA. Glad you like it too!
  14. Well, I'm still in the home stretch, and it's so exciting! I just have a few things to report: I slept in my makeup twice this week (oops)...The first time, I broke out on my problem cheek, but it was very minor and is practically gone now. The second time, I didn't break out at all, minus a couple of clogged pores from putting heavy face paint on my upper cheeks. Woo! I actually ended up skipping the Regimen enough this week where some days I was only able to do one application of