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  1. i used the same last year and it worked well,but th results dint last..these year around 2 mnths ago i thought i should give retin A n clindamycin(1%) another try...and now i am regreting it..this staff has made my skin so red and irritated+ the purging jst drove me insane. I now have tiny bumbs,more like rashes on every part of my skin..i decided 2 quit....Am nw on tea tree...i knw its very depressing and at times its even hard 2 face th world...give it another month n if it doesnt work try na
  2. wow! Am in Kenya,Nairobi...i hpe i do get ths probiotics n fiber locally. I jst stopped using retin A coz it gave such nasty rashes..ive been having acne eva since i was 16..i am now 22 n acne has been the biggest pain on my life..i hope it wil work for me....