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  1. Hi everyone, So after 16 months away from using the regimen and also signing in acne.org i'm ready to re-use. when i stopped using my face was incredibly clear. super clear!!! no marks ..... but a bit tanned. i stopped because my acne was gone but my face was pretty much darker than the rest of my body. however, i still continued using the cleanser and AHA. The AHA generally worked for me as i was hardly getting any pimples. I then concentrated on getting my complexion cleared. Life witho
  2. First how long have you been on the regimen for? I started using the regimen just once a day at night at my 6 months mark when i got clear. Its been going well i have no complains. Reduce the amount u use overtime like what the others said & u should be good to go. Now its been more than a year - & i dont use the treatment every night. whenever im lazy i just use the AHA as a moisturizer and have a good night rest. I've noticed whenever i use the AHA as a moisturizer it really helps
  3. No make up used - however, i have on a bit of the AHA. I usually apply a bit before the treatment. It helps with the dark spots and also prevents new acne from developing.
  4. 40 weeks! 10 months!

  5. After 9 months on the regimen and using it twice daily, ive now reduced my application to 1 times per day ( at night ) In the mornings i cleanse ...apply a bit of AHA and moisturizer with SPF after. My face is less red and i'm still clear. Works great for me as in the mornings i hurry out to work. I totally agree with Brandy. See what works best for u.
  6. 37th Week!! Still clear & feeling confident - something i never truly felt :)

  7. Yeah I think I'll start slow again .. I don't really need to use it twice every day .. so I'm thinking every night I'll apply since I have more time that time. Thanks for ur advice .. appreciated :)
  8. So, i could never imagine a day without my acne.org BP .. However, about 2 weeks back it suddenly finished lol. I live in Guyana so i order before hand. Unfortunately it has not arrived yet Ive been quite scared of how my face would react to this for the 2 weeks. But you would not believe it!!! I do my same daily routine without the BP of course.The AHA has been AMAZING!! ive been using it in place of the BP (A little of it of course) & ive gotten noooo breakouts! Not one! My face is l
  9. 30th Week! Loving my skin! :)

    1. bravaci2321


      Congratulations!! your skin looks beautiful. Hope I get the same results.

    2. carebear06


      Thank you! & im sure U'll get the results :) I was once there. xo

  10. Hey! how r u? & hows the regimen going? Didn't see u online for a while ..just checking!

  11. carebear06

    24th week!

    No make up used. Its been a long journey but! I did it :)