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  1. Hey everyone. After doing some research I've come to the conclusion that having a subcision treatment done would be the most effective for my scars. Not quite sure, but I think I have rolling scars. They aren't that severe, but definately not shallow. I've had fraxel, PDT, and C02 laser treatments done with minimal results other than the surface scarring. Has anyone on this forum had a subcision treatment done to the forehead, jawline, chin, temple, and upper nose areas? I know that's a
  2. Your results look really good. I live in Birmingham, Alabama and I've been trying to find a doctor that can perform the subcision treatment for such a long time now. What's the name of your doctor and the office that you went to in Fairhope? I'd be willing to give it a shot even though it would be a long distance to go for me. Also, did you have to schedule a consultation first? And how much did your treatment cost? Any info would be greatly appreciated.