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  1. I have been taking Velivet, the generic version of Cyclessa, for three straight months and I have noticed an immense difference in my acne. I used to get painful, huge, and clusters of acne on my cheeks and since taking this birth control, it has greatly reduced my acne. It's not as effective as I would like it to be but maybe in time my acne will be less and less. The only thing that sucks is all of the hyperpigmention I have from my acne!
  2. Thanks for your help I will have to call my dermatologist and see if he's prescribes that.
  3. Thought I would post a few photos of my face (both sides of my face). :/
  4. Thank you for responding to my topic; you gave me a lot of wonderful information! I was on the birth control 'Altavera' but stopped using it a little over a month because it was affecting my mood horribly and it was making me depressed. Hmm..I have never come across Saw Palmetto before. I went to GNC earlier today and bought that and Stinging Nettle since I read that is another good herb to take for acne. I will also look into the Dan's AHA to clear up my spots, I definitely want them gone!
  5. I have had mild acne since high school, nothing I was really concerned about. Now, at age 21, I have horrible cystic acne on both cheeks on my face and my chin. I don't know why my acne decided to flare up this past December, but ever since then, I have had horrible cystic acne on my cheeks and chin and nothing will get rid of it. I eat a very clean (fruits, veggies, meat; no sugar, milk, wheat, nuts, or gluten), drink eight cups of water daily, excercise daily, and sleep eight to nine hours