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  1. Guys, i think a controlled study would be very good idea. Just me trying a liver flush aint gonna convince the skeptics or the converts, either way. Maybe someone could organize one, as just looking at the lsit of ingredients is exausting enough for me (bentonite clay is cat litter, which has caused some severe blockages of peoples intestines . . .). I read the definitive guide to liver flushing (ie jc's post) and frankly i am more skeptical than before. coffee enemas? i am SURE that nutrit
  2. Ok, i dont really want to jump into the fire, but here goes. I recently went to a doctor to get medication for my (probably hormonal) moderate acne which has been consistent for about a year. i have some cysts all the time, so my acne qualifies as "cystic". I was prescibed retin-a and tetracycline, stuff that denis2 claims is poisonous. i partly agree. i consider myself skeptical and intelligent, and know about the body somewhat (i have taken human anatomy and physiology, as well as numerou
  3. well, as predicted, now my face is back to its usual state. i think my acne is mostly hormonal, thats why. i dont have scarring, and i currently dont have any cysts, but the reason i wanted to make my face worse is that there was a substitute doctor who was unreasonable. wouldn't even listen to me, and the next opening for a real derm is in over a month. it wouldnt have helped me if the doctor said, just use bp . . . your face isnt that bad. . . thanks though guys
  4. Hello, I was just prescibed 2x a day tetracycline and retin a at night (see "need to breakout" post), i live in a very sunny area and know that sun+retin-a= bad. I do not spend a lot of time in the sun now but is is a significant amound of sun i recieve daily (gotta walk for 1-2 tiles a day), and will be increasingly staying in the sun due to excersise, etc. I need a really good sunscreen. I have only burnt once in my life (im Asian) but am afraid to even see the sun now that i am on retin a.
  5. yep i got tetracycline and retin-a, which is ok, but the doctor who was subbing for the actual one was a pompous a$$. oh well, im going back in a month to a real derm. thanks guys!
  6. Hi, I am going to my first derm appt. tomorrow. I should be glad, but . . . there is one week in the entire month where my skin looks better than normal. THis happens to be the week! Normally I have a few cysts, whiteheads, and large nasty red oozy pimples, but . . . i have not a single medium-sized active one. My face is just kinda reddish and bumpy. I was told to use BP, and if it didn't work go to see a derm, and it didn't work, so I'm going back. I am afraid she'll think my face looks l
  7. do you guys think that, you get clear for say 4 months, or say eben a year, and by that time you will have outgrown you acne? (like, it was just a fix to get you through the teen acne?) or, does accutane predispose you to the adult acne that comes back after teenagerhood? or, were these people whose face went back to pimply after taking accutane gonna get recurring/adult acne anyway?
  8. Hi again. this may seem very, very stupid, as you guys always oisturize your faces, but if you are not on some medication that fries out your skin, why moisturize? is it becuaseyou live in a dry climate (i live in the tropics)? even though it is an oil-free moisturizer, id think my face is lubricated enough as it is. Also, i was wandering exactly how accutane works. differin works by unclogging pores, hence no blocked proes/pimples. anitbiotics work by killing the bacteria, so even if yo
  9. well, i read most of the post here . . a lot . . .and i think i cant go on accutane. i have a genetic predisposition to high cholesterol, and even as a young child my cholestrol was really high. i dont know what it is now (after puberty, the hormones affect the liver, i believe) . . i suspect it may be ok, but that liver thing pretty much put it out of my reach. my bro is on a topical antibiotic, and differin, which he doesnt use cause hes out in the sun all day (i am too). so i guess differ
  10. hey guys, im new to this board. i guess i finally came here out of desperation. i guess i have what you would call moderate acne . . .i dont know what mild, moderate,, or severe would be classified as. a friend of mines had really, really bad acne, but it cleared up to crystal clear within a few months, so i suspect he took accutane. now i take the honor of having the worst acne in my grade. ugh. =; (i thought this smiley was someone hiding their face with their hands) i always have a cy
  11. guong dong hua! (cantonese in cantonese) and nihongo! (japanese in japanese) and english! (in english) and hopefully i will learn mandarin, or putonghua (?) soon enough too
  12. guong dong hua! (cantonese in cantonese) and nihongo! (japanese in japanese) and english! (in english) and hopefully i will learn mandarin, or putonghua (?) soon enough too