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  1. I'm on accutane, one month has been by, i'm taking 20mg every 2 days, my acne seems to be clearing but my skin around where the acne was is really THIN, therefore the red marks don't heal and it looks really weird/wrinkly, When the skin is thick it looks great! any suggesting on products i can use to restore the skin thickness? Thanks
  2. Good Luck, i'm on 20mg as well, Day 29, however i take it every 2 days because i think it works best for me! i'm 90% clear now, personally i think you should cut it to one a day, 2 is way too much, & take it before your final meal at night. I hope you see results soon 3 months is long!
  3. Hi, Yea i'm on day 9 and have already induced flushing, it sucks because without it i'm almost clear! i'm going to stop and take it once a week perhaps, on 20mg atm.
  4. Day 9 tomorrow, so far it's going nicely, however I have flushed twice i think where i have red marks, and I don't normally flush. & m lips are dry as hell, my skin is fairly dry, not that dry that I need a moisturizer, (not that i want one, strongly against them) Yeah well so far i'm ok with it, don;t need a topical, did you ever flush when on it?
  5. Ah that's so long! 6 weeks, i was hoping after the first week i would see good results, but my blackheads are clearing up already just the red marks from ages ago are really red.... I cleansed last night and the skin went full red its like just a cleanser exfoliated the skin.,....now I understand why people suggest using a really mild cleanser or just water. But this morning my skin feels smoother and less oily, i think cleansing is a must but probably once every 2-3 days maybe?! Anyway '
  6. I'm on 20mg Accutane, day 5 Should i continue cleansing every night?! I feel like if I don't my skin doesn't feel nice, also my Skin isn't that dry on Accutane... its pretty much the same
  7. Someone please help me? There isn't much correlation between taking Ginseng and acne that i have found online, however since Koreon Ginseng increases Testosterone in men, surely this will cause acne breakouts? Any help would be appreciated since I have been advised to taken Korean Ginseing supplements as it helps with your mood and gives you energy. Thank you,
  8. I've been battling with acne (mild) for 5 years? mostly nodules and a couple of cysts that left very bad scars since i pop'd my pimples (even blind ones) when i was younger and didn't consider the consequences. For about 2 years my skin texture was rough...and always red, it literally never went away. I tried BHA/AHA but all it did was irritate the surface and not actually penetrating deep withing the pores with skin repairing chemicals. Later i tried Aloe vera, although this did soothing t
  9. do collagen tablets really work for erythema?
  10. sick of it, had really big scratches on my leg which turned in to scabs then pink marks but they have fully healed withing a month...where as the acne marks on my face NEVER fade...been a year and im sick of it, i dont understand?
  11. Diet has a massive role in acne, your very silly if you don't think so...
  12. Can some tell me if it's good for fairly oily skin? I'm using Cetaphill at the moment and it's good as it's non comodeginic, however it feels very oily on my skin.... Thanks !
  13. Alba Botanica Aloe and green tea oil free moisturizer, awful for my skin anyway. I think i'm going to get Dan's moisturizers. the one im using is Cetpahil even that feels abit oily :/
  14. Would just like to say just because it says 'Oil free' on the moisturizer doesn't mean its right for you, I've unfortunately did experience this, was using an oil free aloe moisturizer for several months which caused several blackheads and felt greasy, I didn't think it could be the moisturizer as it stated it was oil free and was organic..however it had ingredients which causes blackheads and generally wasn't suitable for my sensitive oily skin. Anyway now i'm using a normal lotion which is