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  1. So I think it took a total of 3 weeks to notice the drastic change in my skin after stopping dairy. I remember it like yesterday. I had met THE greatest esthetician on the planet and was supposed to get a facial from her. I hadn't had a break out in 21 days. I was getting daily breakouts of 2-3 papules that were red, swollen and itchy/sometimes painful. So after the 21 day mark I got one pimple and I ended up seeing the woman a few days earlier than we scheduled. I ended up getting frustrated wi
  2. Hey there...so once I got pregnant in 2007, by the 3rd month my skin went to hell. It didn't stop pretty much the whole pregnancy. It calmed down some but was still there for sure. I'd say in 2009, after cutting dairy out of my diet and getting regular facials, thats when the acne subsided tremendously. It wasn't a daily worry anymore. Then in 2012 I separated from my husband and went through soooo much stress. Acne started showing up again. Very annoying. Got pregnant in 2013 and was clear unti
  3. Uggghhh so sorry you have to go through this. BUT better now that you are not pregnant. That way you can use any topical you can. I was on Yasmin for about 7-8 years with a few months off in between. Every time I got off my skin began to go to hell. I never ever put 2 and 2 together. I got off Yasmin in 2007, the month was January. Pregnant by march and a battlefield all over my face by May until he was born. I couldn't use shit...that worked anyway. I did actually take erythromycin and used be
  4. Hello! Congratulations on your baby! Sorry you're dealing with acne. How was your skin during pregnancy and before pregnancy? Our hormones get very out of whack after delivery. Even a few months afterwards. Are you breastfeeding? If not, are you using any medications? I also had a baby 8 months ago. I use the regimen and used it while pregnant. I think it's one thing that helps keep my acne away. I'm also breastfeeding. I still breakout quite a bit only when my period comes. I have the painful r
  5. So I experienced this as well. Basically I realized that after bp has dried and i put on my moisturizer, any and i mean any residue that might get around that area will be itchy and burn one day then scaly and dry the next. Just be careful after applying anything once bp is on your skin
  6. Yea thank god my skin is clear as hell for the most part. I was terrified of getting pregnant again and thought for a few years after my son was born that he may just be an only child. In my heart I was like yea right! I took my chances and was prepared for the worst and I'm glad I took the chance. I believe being off of birth control is the #1 reason it's stayed clear. There weren't any synthetic hormones in my body for about 6 years. Again, we are all different though. I have minor scars too..
  7. Hey ladies! Here's my two cents. I'm currently 7 months pregnant. Took me almost 6 years to get the courage to have another baby because I the awful, traumatic experience I had with my first. Yes, got off BC after 7-9 years straight (I can't remember the exact # of years anymore, sorry) yes, went from crystal clear to war zone in a matter of weeks. I had acne the entire pregnancy. It was painful pustular and papular acne...inflamed and red as hell. I saw a derm at 7 months finally because it w
  8. Sorry for the delayed response.. When i wasnt pregnant this is what i did. I cleaned up my diet. That was the most important thing I could have done. Next I followed with a strict regimen. Washing twice a day, icing, oxy wipes and treatment--- can be BP, glycolic/mandelic/salicylic acid serums or Retin-a! It depends on what my skin is like. I also like to switch it up. I moisturize in the day time only which may not be good for other peoples skin and I use sunscreen EVERYDAY! Facials are extreme
  9. I have that one too... Honestly, your skin doesn't feel like it peeled but it did. You may just have tough skin like you say. Just be careful. I did this a few times like 3 days apart too. Didn't think it did much even though I know it did. I ended up burning and having a few leather spots for a week. It's an awesome peel though. It will help you tons. I'm going to buy their Papaya enzyme next!
  10. How long did you leave your peel on for? If you don't mind me asking, what brand did you use? Salicylic acid peels are extremely beneficial for acenic skin. I think you can benefit a great amount by doing this. Just be careful when you apply it. I wouldn't do it more than once a month. Also make sure you keep that sunscreen on at all times when outdoors. I'd suggest you to do your peel, give it a week to do its job (depending in how deep it's penetrated and how much youre peeling). Use a gen
  11. Glad you were able to switch your pills. Ortho novum and desogen, to my knowledge, don't help too much in controlling acne. Everyone is completely different though. If you're going to be on birth control to help your acne, I totally recommend Yasmin, BUT always remember whater may come back with a vengeance when you stop. Again, doesn't happen to everyone but especially when it's hormonal, acne tends to linger for quite some time. I hate it. My acne is hormonal and I've accepted it will never
  12. Totally me! It's a trip how I can't look at myself in the mirror up close anymore. Actually if there's a bright light anywhere near a mirror I can't look at myself. I hate that but it's a security blanket my mind has made me do to feel better about my skin. I use my phone screen (in dimmed lights) as my mirror everyday to apply my makeup. I can see clearly but I still feel like a freak for doing that. In all honesty though, until my "on and off 6 years and struggling" battle with acne continues,
  13. What kind of hair loss do you have? Patchy, losing clumps or balding. Honestly there's a lot of causes and different patterns. If you're shedding a lot if suggest a supplement called phytophanere dietary supplement. You can get it from sephora. I use it because I always shed. It helps tremendously. Also makes the hair look more shiny and full. Check out the reviews before trying. Just my two cents. Good luck, I know hair loss sucks butt. I've dealt with it on and off for a while.
  14. Epsom salts are my savior right now that I'm pregnant. It doesn't stop new ones from forming I don't think, but it totally heals and speeds up the process without drying your skin out. I actually just take a tablespoonful of the salts and put a few drops of water until it becomes thick like a mask. Then I apply it and leave it for like 20 minutes and wash it off later. It flakes and all so be careful unless you don't mind vacuuming. Lol don't eat or drink while you have this on either... tastes