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  1. Hi so have just finished a 6 month course of roaccutane which has worked amazingly. After 8 years of on/off acne which was sometimes severe, I haven't had a spot in 4/5 months and my skin is lovely. However I have are a lot of red marks and I think some scarring but I am not sure if they are scars and if so what type of scars they are, also how best to treat them. I'm 25 and working so money not a huge issue of it will work. The last two pictures are with make up, you can only see the sc
  2. I've used the regimen and BP on and off for years and finally gave up in Jan as my skin was horrible... clogged pores, dehydrated dull and flakey... It kept the full blown breakouts at bay but honestly I think my skin hated me. Since stopping my acne has definitely got worse (may also be an IB from using retinoids) but my skin does look healthier and no longer feels so tight, painful and just generally abused. My skin is also now so oily because It was so chronically dehydrated and dried from
  3. Thank you! Honestly it's so hard to know whether it's working or not, but I doubt that quitting now will do me any good either... my acne is the worst it's been in years I'll keep going though ... I can take the breakouts as long as I know it can work eventually. Personally I think BP (and the regimen) ruined my skin, every pore on my face was clogged, my oil was (still is) in overdrive yet I looked dehydrated and had dry flakey patches... I don't think slathering your skin in such a drying tre
  4. I use 0.1% cream, I don't think my skin would handle the 3%... I only apply at night a thin layer, I think I'm using it correctly I'm just not sure if the breakouts are a good sign? I've been using LRP effacar moisturiser and aloe vera gel to soothe in the morning. I've found I can pull out hard plugs out of my pores (with tweezers) since starting differin too. I use Nars makeup which is non comedgenic, I know I probably wear too much but its hard not to when you're face is covered in ugly
  5. So I've been on differin for 7 weeks yesterday as well as lymecycline qntibiotics. Previously I had mild/moderate acne for years (I'm 24) and kept it at bay with bp, though always had a couple of spots. My skin just looked terrible on bp, dehydrated, oily, clogged pores dull and still breakouts so I decided to quit. I went on differin as I wanted to clear my skin and let it sort of restart. Now I have just broken out absolutely everywhere and it's got steadily worse over the 7 weeks (though th
  6. Thanks for your reply, glad to hear that you had some success with the regimen. I just don't think it will work for me anymore, it seems to give me clogged pores and horrible dull skin. I think I'll just have to use bp as an on the spot treatment and just completely reduce the topicals from now on, I think my skin has just given up after years of harsh treatments. I'm going to try the less is more approach and see if my skin balances itself out. I'm at the end of my patience with it all its gett
  7. Hi all, I'm 24 yo female, have had acne since teens and it's never really 100% cleared, other than when I've been on dianette (but it took 6 months to work) I've been off bc for 12 months and have been using bp on and off for years. I had some success with the regimen but it made my face so irritated and dry and the texture of my skin was awful so I stopped using it. Basically my acne tends to centre on my cheeks, I get the odd one or two on my chin and forehead and its mostly pust