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  1. For me, since I was 13 and I'm now 20. Also I had VERY severe acne. I mean that, like, my face was just a mass of red lumps for 4 years. I was clear for a couple of months (because life is so kind like that lol) then it came back, although mildly. This is the first time in forever I have been on this forum again, because my acne has gone from a couple of spots to big, red, sore cysts agian, although no where near as bad as it was. Just on my neck for some reason... hopefully it either finally cl
  2. *waves back* lol soory it took me so long to reply, I don't go on this site as much as I used to! so wherabouts in Scotland are you? X

  3. Hey everyone, I've started a new healthy regimen after using too many chemicals with too little success! So anyway, I have been doing egg white masks nightly along with facial steaming, but I've now added in lemon juice (as a drink) to help things along. So in short, m question is, how many lemons should I drink a day? I don't want to make myself ill or anything but I do want to drink enough to help my skin! Thanks in advance! X
  4. Ooh I would love to meet people from the org.. I mean I don't post much but whatever. I just don't think there are many people from Scotland here thats all...
  5. I would BLOCK her ass! That is pretty freaky behaviour..
  6. I agree with Tasha. Also, this is an ACNE forum where people vent about ACNE. Yes, some people have worse things. I know that better than a lot of people, I have been throught things this year that no one should have to go through. But you know what? Yeah they were worse than acne, but my skin getting bad again didn't exactly help things. I know someone described how some people are born with things that disfigure their faces- but you have to remeber than some people on this site have had ac
  7. I am uber jealous basically. Not in a bad way, I just wish I had skin like that too. I wonder what I did to deserve my 'skin' if you can call it that.
  8. Ha no way do I let anyone see what I'm doing! I get embarrased I don't know why. Okay so now my acne is bad again it isn't so bad but I think when I was clear then it did look a bit weird looking at an acne site lol..
  9. Yeah, couldn't have put it better than Wynne. As a girl myself I do think about what a guy looks like first, but I have to say that 100% of the time for me what really matters is the personality. Like, the guy could be nice looking but a complete douche. If she has got to know you a bit and is so shallow like that, then her loss!
  10. I always wear makeup because I love it! I give my skin days off because honestly makeup (I mean face makeup now here) makes me feel really grimy. After I come home from work I'll take it off if i'm not going out, but I always take it off before bed. Maybe when I have been clubbing and i'm pretty drink I have been known to sleep with it on (noooo!) . Funny story though- I once knew a girl who loved to wear so much makeup she would sleep in everything- her whole face. The morning after she would w
  11. Well I am a natural blonde.. as a child/ teenager I had platinum hair- then I thought it would be a good idea to go purple (DON'T ask) so after that my colour went from platinum to medium golden blonde naturally. So yeah I have highlights and I think it looks great, but so many of my friends have beutiful glossy brown hair that they kill with bleach! I don't get it.. it isn't about colour, it is about how you feel inside! Don't even get me started on people who say 'Ooh this colour is better ..'
  12. Hi! I use powder too, and although I haven't tried the maybelleine one yet, I use L'Oreal's True Match powder, and this really has never once broken me out. I'm not sure if it is officially non- comedogenic, but it works for me so maybe worth a try?
  13. Well I wish I knew too. I've had acne since I was 12, and I'm 18 almost 19 now. When I was 17 my acne virtually disappeared- I actually thought I was clear. Seriously, for a whole blissfull year I actually thought I was free of acne. You can imagine how depressed I am now it has come back- alomost as severe as it was which is hell. I fucking hate acne. I swear I suddenly stopped being so shy, was a more confident person etc. etc when I was clear- now I have dropped out of college, got depressio
  14. Personally I would steer clear of MMU. Mica is an irritant apparently- and it really broke me out bad. When you are looking for makeup, make sure not only do you look for non- comedogenic but also look for oil-free, and, if you can, hypoallergenic. I find it really is just a case of trial and error. I personally use a T tree oil concealer from the body shop, with Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer. Then I finish with l'oreal's true Match pressed powder, which is amazing. That way I don't
  15. I love UD. Haven't tried their MMU though. I hate the way all the cosmetics companies are coming out with what they call 'mineral' makeup. Mind you, UD is a pretty good brand so maybe it would be okay? Bismuth Oxychloride is a big no no though.
  16. ^I think we have the same traincase! I freakin love mine! Maybe I will post some pictures of my stash, I have a lot, although I definatley can't be bothered listing it all!
  17. A lot of people only apply a little product to their kabuki, but I find I get a MUCH better result when I load up my brush, and then swirl it around the lid of my minerals tub. The I just tap it on the side of the lid and buff it into my skin in a curcular motion. Get a really good silky coverage this way.
  18. Thanks you guys! That helps suedehead: I remove it using a cleansing makeup cloth thingy, and then I wash my face afterwards
  19. Okay so I bought some Lily Lolo, and all was well. I am very happy with it, yet I read somewhere that the Mica can break you out. After I used it for a week I had the worst breakout I've ever had for about a year. Afetr that I haven't been brave enough to use it again! Any help would be much appreciated! xx
  20. Umm.. seriously? About 45 minutes for work, and about 1 1/2 hours for night. I am a pefectionist though! For night I like dramatic which adds to the time..