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  1. Just about everytime I pop a zit a hair folicle comes with it .
  2. I am taking 200mg a day and using retin-a aswell.
  3. I got about 4 on my face/neck and 3 or so on my chest. Although it may not seem like much my face still can look 10x worse than just 4.
  4. B5 isnt used as a diet supplement. Its used in the same form as say accutane or any of the other acne fightign pills.
  5. That is the thing about acne. Most people are not gonna be all like I am not gonna talk to you or be your friend. Even with acne ive made friends and talk to many people. Although it can be limiting at times, it hasnt been a major hinderence.
  6. Negative. I work out every day at school and sweat a ton but still have acne.
  7. My face has seemed a bit oilier for the past 2 days since starting B5. Maybe in line with the initial breakout. Is this normal of B5?
  8. You should try and go to a derm and get it for free.