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  1. Hi, I'm not exactly on Differin, I'm on Epiduo. But it does contain Adapalen (and BP), so I can understand you. Personnally, it has been a week. My skin is dry and red, and it cannot support more than an application every two days, or it's like a huge sunburnt haha. And you, how are you, guys?
  2. I'm sorry not to quote anyone, it's just I don't succeed in doing that hoho... Like you, I also skip school not to allow anyone to see my face when it is bad. Concerning the scientists and cures, it's so incredible that sometimes nothing seems to work concerning acne! And it's like nobody cares, because acne is not considering as a serious illness. We agree, it does not kill, and there are so many worse diseases. But I think it can destroy you from the inside, psychologically. And we a
  3. Don't be sorry about that, man, seriously, we're all felt depressed at a moment, keep cool. By the way, how do you feel today? Personnally, my skin, right now, does not like Epiduo. At all. It's like a sunburnt on my face. I had to go to the pub with a friend, tonight, but my skin was burning hell, so my friend comes to my red and dry face, here, at home. I asked her if it did not disturb her. She understood. I prepared her psychologically to see that, she'll have to be brave haha
  4. WOOOOOOW Sydboi. First, breathe. It can help. I swear haha. Secondly, you are not a monster, or a psycho, or a crazy. You just have acne. Have you changed something in your skin care, the last weeks? What made you cysts go away the last time they appeared?
  5. Wow. I did not understand. "Sea salt", like... hum... sel de mer? Why would you do that? Let them go away by themselves, most of the time, when you pop them, it's worth, trust me haha! But do you something to apply on them, to dry out? It could help to eradicate these little rascals!
  6. "To refuse to leave the house, whether it's to go to class/work or to see friends": same things, when it's Bagdad puissance 10 on my face. And your reason "They are judging me for how disguting and ugly I am", is the same excuse going around in my head. But the problem is that it is just in our head. People don't really judge you for acne. It does not make a person ugly or not. Don't let your confidence be determinated by a reflection you see in a mirror.
  7. Hi! So glad to hear that I am not alone haha, Epiduo round 2 for me too! I'll start it tonight. Let's cross our fingers there will not have any purge, like it did two years ago! I cannot forget how red and dry my skin was, I'm like freaking out. A lot. And you how do you feel?
  8. Hi, First, don't feel alone, really, we're all on the same boat here. I guess JLopez have said everything haha But, really, when you said you've been very inconsistent with the products you've been using, I know it's hard, but you have to be patient, it's a long-term work! Be brave!
  9. Still Bagdad on my face. I'm sick of it. Really. I will start Epiduo tonight, again. Let's cross the fingers there will not have any purge, like it did two years ago... I cannot forget what a mess my skin was, and how red and dry it was. I also started zinc 13 days ago. I've very close to cancel some plans with friends this week. Acne dictates my life, that is so sad, isn't it?
  10. WOW: woke up this morning, still Bagdad on my right cheek. Cope with a school day: done. But tonight I go to a concert. And I will be, again, the only girl with pimples on the face in the whole room. I know I will have fun, I will make jokes, like always, laugh, a lot, but, still, I'm tired of that. Really.
  11. To stop smoking can only make your skin better, I swear! Be brave, it's not easy, but it's worth it. Really.
  12. I agree. You start to get excited about an improvement and BIM pimples everywhere haha! It is still Bagdad on my face, I think, especially the right cheek, but I do not let acne make me depressed, even if it still dictate my life and my timetable (a little bit, I have to admit, unfortunately). I've started Zinc on this morning and bought some new cream yesterday, let's cross our fingers. I hope it will help, cause, God, I miss clear skin.
  13. Really, don't feel alone, I spend so many parties being the only one people with pimples having fun all over my face (especially my right cheek, I don't know why, but they love it, me a little less haha). So I just perfectly understand what you're all saying!
  14. Haha, I thought I was the only person doing that! Don't feel alone, we're on the same boat, honey. And, by the way, mirrors are not the enemy, you just have to take distance: you will see, you will fall in love with your yourself at a meter away!