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  1. Of course I am supportive me saying Gay marrige isnt okay is like me saying black people are slaves or all mexicans should stay in mexico no im not that type of person i also support GLBTQ 100% and i am straight
  2. I guess I'm going to tell everyone my story it all started when i moved to Indianola I met this girl and i didn't really think of anything but as a friend we only hung out because my ex girlfriend hung out with her and then over the summer it was nothing but then we came back to school and my 5th period math class was with her I didn't really know who she was but she was the only "friend" i had in there so we did alot of the group activities together i thought i was in love i swore i was in love
  3. There is'nt a description of someone who gets acne not only gay not oly straight not only black nor not only white people are the description of a peron who gets acne the description is human if your human you will most likely get acne at a point in time that is what this is about you are'nt alone i have acne to i've tried everything of everything to get rid of it and nothing works but acne.org will hopefully be my solution for 1. The Regamen will hopefully work and for 2. this blog may help me
  4. This is my first post and it will not be my last. I'm going to purchase some of the products from acne.org for The Regimen and will post each day the resaults I've gotten and maybe a picture.