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  1. No issue with posting my pics. These however aren’t really indicative of the issue - one was with a bad filler job (puffed up the wrong areas!) and the second was the touch up (which I thought looked pretty good). I actually only have one icepick scar which I’m not expecting a dermabrasion to resolve. Also, have a couple of scars on the other cheek. I’ve considered a TCA peel before. Never phenol though...as I too believe it’s overkill for the severity of my scarring. I still think a s
  2. I’ve done fractional erbium (Profractional). No results. But thank you for the suggestion.
  3. You can’t spot treat with Co2...well, you can but there is a much higher chance of hypopigmentation. Believe it has something to do with the heat.
  4. You’ll be fine. Just don’t pick it anymore...hard, I know. Stay home this weekend, slather on the Polysporin and cover it with a bandaid if it will keep you from picking again. Been there, done that...many, many, many times.
  5. Lol, I’ve been on these boards a long time. Posted quite a few pictures. Too lazy to post more. I did fractional C02, not ablative. Ablative co2 and dermabrasion are more comparable. Yes...but I’d prefer diamond tip or sandpaper. Wire brush is more risky. One of the oldest treatments for acne scarring; a dying art as most docs have moved on to laser. It can/has worked but it can end badly as well...which are usually the stories you hear.
  6. One excision scar. Three shallow scars...kind of rolling, kinda of boxcar (but the sides aren’t steep). It might be old school but modern stuff like lasers hasn’t done sh*t for me.
  7. I really want to try a spot dermabrasion but I’m freaking myself out. Reviews on acne.org are so bad! And I’ve already had one failed procedure (punch excision), which makes me afraid to try again. What to do? I’ve pretty much done everything else (fractional lasers, microneedling, filler, subcision). It’s 4 scars, 2 on each cheek. Not very big, not super deep but still noticeable. They bug me a lot and kill my confidence!!! Ugh. Do I take the chance? I am considering Dr Falcone i
  8. Did you end up having a dermabrasion? Results? I’m in the same area. Looking for a doctor. Thanks!!
  9. Please don't hurt yourself. You are not alone. Your life is worth something. You have value. You are more than your skin. Sending you love and positive vibes.
  10. What about dermasanding? Its derm abrasion but with sandpaper...less severe, less risk for complications (or so I've read).
  11. F*ck, I hear you. Bullsh*t after bullsh*t...don't they realize they're playing with peoples emotions? Don't bother with microneedling. I spent about $3,000 on it for zero results. Re-excised a scar and made it much worse. Tried filler and it made the area look awful. The only thing I got any improvement with was a spot Co2 laser treatment. Only did one but I'm going again in Oct.
  12. It's hard for some people to understand the pain a scar can cause. And oftentimes, especially on this board, it's hard to get sympathy when your scarring seems minimal to other people (though not to you). Folks, can we just try to be nice to one another? We all handle things differently. What is nothing to you can be a huge deal to others. We all just come here for a little compassion and understanding.
  13. I really don't know for sure...likely between 6 and 12 months. Even if it's only 6 months, the improvement is worth it to me. It only costs me $200 so a small price to pay for an ounce of sanity.
  14. I did 5 sessions of professional derma rolling. Results weren't great. That said, some people have been very happy with the improvement they've seen. As for the pics, TOTALLY misleading. The lighting is completely different.
  15. Did you used to pick your face? I ask because my scarring looks like that and I'm a recovering skin picker.
  16. Here's a new pic with the new filler, exactly 2 weeks post. Not the exact same lighting but still under dreadful fluorescents. I still feel very self conscious about it and the rest of my skin (which is covered in shallow white scarring due to my picking issues) BUT it's better in my eyes. The filler really did make things look a lot worse.
  17. Thanks! So far, the new filler (Esthelis) looks a lot better. It's not perfect but I'm not sure that's even possible. All I know is I feel 100x better than I did before.
  18. Don't listen to your brother. And that girl is missing out. You have a great smile!
  19. It's true, you can't actually shrink your pores. However, you can minimize their appearance. Use primer and get regular peels. Maybe try retin-A as well.
  20. It looks the same to me...and not bad for what it's worth. Tanning after micro needling probably wasn't the best thing to do but it wouldn't have caused more scarring. I don't believe that's physically possible. It might have darkened up some scars but that's about it. The sun is particularly bad for the first 6 months (approx) after you get a new scar mainly because it can make it permanently darker. But it doesn't cause more indented scarring. Good luck!
  21. It can feel smooth as well. I have scars but can't feel most of them if I run my fingers across my face.
  22. That should heal up just fine. I used to be a serious skin picker. I know what will heal and what will scar.
  23. What silly advice from that derm. I've read many times that a dent from cortisone can take many months to fill in. Look it up on RealSelf. This might not be as bad as you think!