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Subcision for boxcar scarring...meh.
I've had two treatments for boxcar scarring. Diferrent doctors, different techniques. The first PS used a nokor needle followed by Juvederm the day of (which leaked out) and Restalyne a month later. I had tons of bruising and swelling and heard the popping sounds (from the scar bands 'breaking') but saw no improvement after the swelling subsided. The filler didn't even make a difference. The second PS used the needle from the filler and then injected Perlane. Very little bruising and swell

By FreshStart2014,

Thumbs Down for Genuine Derma Roller
I wanted this to work. I really did. I had 5 treatments (derma roller and derma stamp) with a fully trained esthetician from May 2013 to January 2014. My skin is in better shape now (a bit clearer, softer) but there was no change in my mild scarring. I was disappointed. I still roll at home with a 0.5mm because I think it helps with sloughing off old skin cells and keeping your skin clear. Not worth it for scars IMO though.

By FreshStart2014,

It works as part of Dan's regimen.
works if used daily 2.5% can be hard to find expensive I don't find BP very effective for spot treatment but as a daily preventative measure, this product works just fine. I find it especially helpful in keeping away the ingrown hairs I use to occassionally get on my neck. Most stores only carry the 5% which is too strong for me. If you're in Canada, it's cheapest at Walmart.

By FreshStart2014,