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  1. Just wanted to do a quick update. After talking with both a derm and GP, we decided to start her on 10mg of accutane. She is doing very well. Neither of them seem to be too concerned with the scarring but more in the prevention of further acne. What I have discovered is that her scarring is far less noticeable with the application of lots of moisturizer. Perhaps those with these scars are a result of the harsh chemicals and no moisture to allow the skin to plump and recover successfully. I
  2. Thank you for the advice. I have stopped the omega 3 and I swear that some of her scarring has also improved. We also have cut back on her zinc, which shuts down the sebaceous glands - hoping this will start the oils to slowly reproduce and fill in the pits. This is so depressing - praying for a solution is all I can do!!
  3. Boafriend, I stumbled across this thread and have spent hours reading it from start to finish all through the night. Boy, was surprised to see you are the latest post - I had earlier posted on your thread at EDS! I wish I could say that I feel encouraged, but honestly am sick to my stomach! My daughter is a beautiful 17-year-old about to go off to college and her derm is prescribing accutane. She recently had some blood work and things were slightly off - High EOS 6 and a low neutrophil.
  4. It A question, did you have scarring prior to starting accutane or was this a result of taking it? I am praying that your skin gets better with time and that you wait for a year or longer to assess your skin... I had scarring prior to accutane actually. Wow thank-you, that means a lot if you did pray for me. It DOES mean a lot. I'm convinced God wants me to go through this skin issue, but it takes a major toll on my confidence and how I want to act around other people There are so many
  5. Was following your progress and wondering how the last two months of your treatment are progressing? It looked it was going very well and so I hope that you will continue to update with photos...
  6. Just found this information and finding it helpful. My daughter, 18, will be starting a lose-dose of Claravis at the end of the month and hoping that all of you will keep posting your results. It really helps to read what others are dealing with and effects at different times. What type of acne did you have? Anyone with scarring prior to starting? Pitted, not red. And what about sun sensitivity? Are you from the US? If so, what have you done to protect your skin? Have you been swim
  7. I am wondering if there is anyone who has lyme disease and has taken accutane. My daughter has been treated for lyme and will be starting accutane for scarring acne. Is there anyone who has completed a treatment and what were your results - positive or excessive scarring? What type of side effects did you experience? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!!
  8. Just curious what you decided? Did you do the accutane or were you successful in using another product? IF you did try the accutane, what have your result been since you started? Thanks
  9. Did anyone out there with scarring PRIOR to accutane see positive results months after completing their treatment? I have found a few to offer hope, but there are so many threads that just stop and leave you wondering what happened... If you have had positive results, please let me know!!!

    1. WorriedMom4Ever


      I am talking scarring (not pigmentation) - ice pick and indented. Please only comment if you had actually scarring... thanks

  10. Accutane and follicutitis... I am writing to find out about those who suffered folliculitis and may have tried accutane for the treatment? Have you had positive results? And if so, if you experienced any unusual scarring as a result of your treatment.

    1. I can't thank you for all the information that you have provided... I am so scared to do this, and like you, have spent countless hours (including last night) reading through all the side effects and especially those that experienced scarring! My daughter would be on the 20 mg, but right now we don't know for how long. She is to start at the end of July and I am still on the fence. I am sick as her scarring is worsening with each day, but I am now concerned that it is a result of folliculitis
    2. Thank you so much for continuing to post on this forum! It is so disheartening when posters stop abruptly and you don't know the end results of their treatments!! What did your daughter use for a moisturizer? What was her dosage/length? And what were her worst side effects? I am unnerved as my daughter is heading to college and will not be with me during her treatment... worried sick about this whole process. Any helpful information you could provide would be appreciated!!!
    3. It A question, did you have scarring prior to starting accutane or was this a result of taking it? I am praying that your skin gets better with time and that you wait for a year or longer to assess your skin...
    4. It has been since February and I am wondering if "sadformydaughter" is still free of indented scarring. Also, of all the other posts here, if any has experienced a positive outcome from their indented scarring - not pigmentation.