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  1. Day 77 I have made such an amazing progress already, that I forget I'm on medication most of the time! I cannot believe how drastic the change has been in a matter of months. I honestly did not think I'd see such an improvement within only a couple of months, on 30mg! I haven't had an active spot in weeks (a few minor ones here and there, that seem to clear very quickly, but nothing like what I was experiencing before), and my skin is so soft. I am looking after it well, so I have not notice
  2. Day 53 Mood: Tireeeed again. The dry eyes are making me feel like I haven't had a blink of sleep in days. Skin: Aaah, it's so much better! I can't believe it! I haven't had a new spot in a while now. I literally only have three really, really small ones on my face at the moment, which are from a while back, so they're nothing. I'm still in awe over how quickly my skin has improved. I thought I'd be waiting until the third month at least to see such an improvement. I've only been on 30mg to
  3. Hi, I did not experience an initial breakout. My bodyweight is 69kg, and my initial dose was 60 mg per day (two doses of 30mg). My severity was mild, but with bad diet would get moderate from time to time. I have experienced fairly steady remission and drying over three months and am very happy with the results so far. I currently have one (!) lesion that has gone down very quickly compared to how they used to be, and seems to be healing more rapidly as well. My dosage was increased to 80mg pe
  4. Day 44 Aaah I haven't updated in a while. I've been pretty busy with Uni, but I have a couple of hours to spare this afternoon before I dive back into my dissertation. Sob! Mood: Pretty tired. My eyes are suffering for this. They feel so dry, especially when I'm out. They feel excessively dry when I'm working at Uni, and the eye drops are becoming a nuisance. I can't really use eye drops in the studio, and if I really can't be bothered to trail to the toilets to access a mirror, I'll use
  5. 1. I did not experience a terrible initial breakout, but it was clear to see that my skin was "purging" somewhat...raised blackheads, a few cysts underneath skin, and quite a few mild spots here and there. I started on 20mg for the first two weeks, then went up to 40mg for the following. I believe this helped to tame the initial breakout and side effects. 2. I guess the above answers that. 3. Mine is moderate (currently almost two months into my second course of Roaccutane, so I'm still unfor
  6. What kind of shampoo are you using? I have been using Head & Shoulder's shampoo, which helps a lot for the first couple of days. I am leaving my hair for a week now though, cause it doesn't need washing at all, so within the last few days it gets pretty dry. It should help you though, as you mentioned that you wash your hair often I also use a very moisturising conditioner on my scalp, and leave it for a few minutes before washing it out (shampoo also). Before drying, I use a leave-in condi
  7. Hi! Thanks Even if you do break out horrifically, I can promise you it will all be worth it in the end I haven't experienced any chest pains at all, that sounds quite strange. I would suggest starting a new thread about it to find out if anyone else has experienced this because it's something I haven't really heard of. If not, I'd definitely mention this to your doctor I have been bathing (literally!) in baby oil. In those early days of eczema, I realised that having showers was d
  8. Day 25, Week 3 I am feeling great because I am absolutely loving the Autumn weather right now! It's a lot cooler, and the sun is shining. It smells so fresh outside and all the leaves are starting to fall. I love walking to University at this time in the year, because our building is in the middle of a large park. The smell of the Pine trees makes me so happy! <3 On a more necessary note, my dermatologist has lowered my dose to 30mg for October. I saw him a few days ago, and I express
  9. You're not alone, a lot of us here on this forum have been through utter hell concerning acne, so you've come to the right place! How odd, I really do look up to those who aren't bothered by their acne. I suppose everybody is different. Both of my brothers had/have severe acne, and one of them decided to go on Accutane last year. He had the severe cystic type that covered his entire face. I'd never seen him so depressed before. He couldn't even look us in the eye. However, Accutane cleared him
  10. That's the spirit! You will definitely achieve amazing results with Accutane, it can honestly clear acne like no other. I see your point, but if this happens again, I would look into filing a complaint. Nobody should get away with such behaviour, especially to this degree, as you say it has affected your self-esteem to a point of not wanting to go to school. I took my first course of Accutane in 2010 when I was 17, after years of topical treatments and antibiotics. I got to the point that you s
  11. OhmygoodnessmewhattheHECK! Your teacher honestly sounds like an utter arse; highly unprofessional, and downright disrespectful. I view that as a serious reason to have him penalised. Good luck with your Accutane adventure. You'll see positive results and you'll feel a LOT more confident.
  12. Hi What kind of tint are you looking for? Also, I wouldn't recommend an overly tinted lip balm, cause the tint can actually make the dryness look worse. I'm using the 'Rose' vaseline at the moment, and whilst it works great most of the time, the colour sometimes clings to the dry areas on my lips. There might be other things out there that don't have this downfall, though. Best of luck.
  13. Day 20, Week 3 Mood: Happy but a little anxious over side effects. Skin: I don't want to jinx this, but my skin has got SO much better in the past few days. It feels super smooth, and my complexion has brightened too! I am a little red from the Accutane, but I feel like I've got more of a "glow" to my face. Others have commented on my skin's improvement, too! No new pimples, and the ones that had developed on my cheeks are healing very fast because they are drying out so much. I still have
  14. Best of luck to you! I am three weeks into my second course at 40mg. I took my first course when I was 18. I'm also keeping a log if you're interested and need support.
  15. Congratulations on your success! :) Just out of curiosity, when did your joint pain begin and did it stop as soon as you finished? Since bumping up to 40mg, I have noticed a big difference in my back. It's quite achey. I don't know if I'll be able to tolerate this for the next five months and hoping it will subside.