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  1. When I read papain I knew I'd seen that ingredient in one of my products before and yep the Victoria Principle skin care line I bought awhile back has papain in the gentle enzyme treatment. It is a great little mask. The note on it says this advanced formula enzyme treatment with breakthrough papain (natural papaya enzyme) works fast, thoroughly and gently... I never used it regularly enough to get rid of scarring, I used it like once a week and it made my skin feel great. I'm thinking I m
  2. Thanks for the reply Maya! I just used local raw unprocessed, unfiltered honey. I don't have any reactions when I eat it, though I do have some allergies. I don't think I've ever been stung by a bee so not sure about that. I used some Manuka honey on blemishes awhile back and found it to be a bit harsh too so maybe I am allergic. I just haven't ever heard of anyone having a bad reaction so was wondering :-s
  3. I have a nasty cut on my forehead that I don't want to scar so I've been reading how raw honey helps to heal it, so I applied it with a bandaid. I was wondering is it suppose to sting like crazy for like the first 30 minutes to an hour and then just feel a little irritated the rest of the day? Also when I took the bandaid off to change it, I noticed it did seem to be bonding together a bit, however it was also more red and a bit more swollen. Do you think I'm having an allergic reaction to ho
  4. The mandelic acid can really start to flake your skin up, especially when getting used to it and using it twice a day. What I've found is when you see flakes, put egg yolk on your face and leave it there for 30 minutes. It will harden and dry up. Put it on thick. Then instead of washing it off I just kind of pick the egg yolk flakes off, because they usually come off easily and then rinse the remaining residue. Then my face seems alot softer and a lot less flakey! The egg yolk is great for
  5. I'm not sure whether chocolate could cause a zit over a 5 hour period, but I know that it can affect one's body over a 5 hour period especially on an empty stomach. I have a lot of family that's diabetic and the chocolate changes your insulin levels and this can happen within 5 hours. I think raised insulin levels from the sugar could affect the skin in 5 hours, and definitely affects the skin if raised consistantly over a longer duration of time.
  6. To Shiny: the cleanser is great, but I use a scrub to get bits of dry skin off when I see them. I don't really like using the tape method for this, as the serum does enough exfoliating on it's own and the tape just makes it harsher. I haven't got the mandelic scrub, it said it had jojoba beads in it, but you might want to get that to get rid of flakes. I have another cleanser with beads in it I'm using now. I think it is a good pimple preventer, but just be sure not to overdry your skin
  7. I just wanted to say I've been using the whole line of mandelic products thanks to this site, and really like the results / I especially like the toner and night time moisturizer, I find even though the moisturizer is a bit thick it doesn't break me out and really softens the skin. I can't use the serum every day yet because my skin peels pretty quick, but with the other products the peeling is not too dramatic and my skin still has a good ph balance. I'm just trying to take it slow so I d
  8. I really agree with Lylat, don't let your skin control you and ruin things for your future, don't let it win. Either way if you stay home or go out you aren't going to help the condition of your skin, but by staying in you are also just creating a mental condition, depression. Sure going out and having people stare at you isn't fun either, but at least you are living and not in solitary confinement. When you are out just look around you at everyone else's flaws and realize people are not real
  9. Last time, but I really like this website! For those who say the Bible has "holes" and discrepencies, this website is a good place to look http://www.apologeticspress.org/rr/abdiscr/abdiscr.htm
  10. http://www.apologeticspress.org/scrspeak/2...03/ss-03-56.htm This argues some about why the God of the Bible is the true God
  11. http://www.apologeticspress.org/rr/rr1995/...tm?overture.com This article is pretty interesting, kind of goes along with what was being said about proof for God but totally agrees it's not science.
  12. Unguarded, all of history is one big story. You believe in it because there were many people who reported it, eyewitnesses. There are many different eyewitnesses for the Bible many not even in each others lifetimes, however everything they say holds true with the earlier's prophecy's and I don't find contradiction. Researchers have found evidence that Pilot did exist and different things from the Bible do check out. How do we really know Joan of Ark existed or anyone, especially the furthe
  13. Ok, I forgot If you read Matthew 27:62 Pilot set a Guard outside the tomb, you can read it all. They were being extra careful that he wouldn't get out of there, since he predicted it. He would have had to go into a coma and became invisible to get past it all.
  14. I forgot to answer you about the coma. Well there was a large rock blocking him in there, I don't know if a coma would get him thru that. Also Jesus was resurrected in the flesh so that there would be proof, you can read John 20:24, the disciples wanted to put their hands in the print of the nails for proof. Thomas got to touch so he could believe. verse 29 says Jesus said to them, Thomas because you have seen ME you have believed. Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.