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Picture Comments posted by smarie23

  1. WOW! What improvement! You look great! Honestly, I know you probably feel that your skin was bad in the beginning but it definitely was not very bad in my opinion and definitely not as bad as I've seen others suffering with. And with this improvement....I mean, wow, you look AWESOME girl! :) What is Bioscreen? I'm really interested in it seeing as how it's worked for you.

    photo 1


    If you do try the rose hip oil, keep me posted how that works because I too have similar scarring! I thought the oil was good for pigmentation issues so I was going to try it for that but if it helps to plump skin up, I'm all for that!

  2. Your scars are like mine! It's so nice to see someone I can relate to. However, add redness, uneven texture, hypopigmentation AND hyperpigmentation and then you have my skin :/ I'm having a really hard time dealing with mine and it's making me extremely insecure. Any tips? Did you do anything (aside from accutane) to even out your skin and help any pigmentation issues? Your skin looks so smooth and nice!

  3. I have scars exactly like yours as well. I'm aware you posted these pictures 10 years ago (amazing how fast time flies!) so I'm curious if you found anything to help with the scars? My scarring has really depleted my self-confidence and I'm doing everything I can to fix them so any advice is greatly appreciated! :) Thanks!