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  1. WOW! What improvement! You look great! Honestly, I know you probably feel that your skin was bad in the beginning but it definitely was not very bad in my opinion and definitely not as bad as I've seen others suffering with. And with this improvement....I mean, wow, you look AWESOME girl! What is Bioscreen? I'm really interested in it seeing as how it's worked for you.
  2. smarie23

    photo 1

    If you do try the rose hip oil, keep me posted how that works because I too have similar scarring! I thought the oil was good for pigmentation issues so I was going to try it for that but if it helps to plump skin up, I'm all for that!
  3. Your scars are like mine! It's so nice to see someone I can relate to. However, add redness, uneven texture, hypopigmentation AND hyperpigmentation and then you have my skin :/ I'm having a really hard time dealing with mine and it's making me extremely insecure. Any tips? Did you do anything (aside from accutane) to even out your skin and help any pigmentation issues? Your skin looks so smooth and nice!
  4. Ernesto, how are you doing now man? Very curious how things turned out after your last treatment! Your results are ASTONISHING and incredibly inspirational! I seriously applaud you for having the courage to be vulnerable and post pictures of your whole journey through this process. Not everyone has the courage to do so. I find it so awesome of you to take the time out of your life to update everyone on your progress throughout. I really hope that you're doing amazing now and wish you all the bes
  5. smarie23

    more pics

    Me too man. We're definitely in the same boat with the scarring!
  6. smarie23

    left cheek

    I have scars exactly like yours as well. I'm aware you posted these pictures 10 years ago (amazing how fast time flies!) so I'm curious if you found anything to help with the scars? My scarring has really depleted my self-confidence and I'm doing everything I can to fix them so any advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  7. smarie23

    my sanity.

    That's really awesome that you have her sounds like she's an amazing person to be around. I wish I had someone like that in my life!
  8. Wow. Just wow. This is incredible. Thank you so much for documenting and sharing your experience with this. It is unbelievably helpful. I know you posted these a long time ago but I was curious as to how you found a good dermatological surgeon that you trusted to do these procedures? Did you go through your insurance provider or pay out of pocket?
  9. Your skin looks INCREDIBLE! You are motivation to all of us with existing scars that it is possible to see significant improvement with time, effort, and the right procedures.
  10. I am SO SO SO glad to hear that your skin is clear and totally clear for six weeks as well! That's amazing! From where both of us started, it seems like we've both had some serious progress. I don't think I've had as much progress as you and others on here because unfortunately, the OCM really did some permanent damage to my skin. I'm hoping that since my scars are less than a year old, that I can find some way to make them more shallow before it's too late. I've been focusing a lot on my scarri
  11. Syllacrostics - I realized that our reply's were getting quite long so I thought it might be easier for us-and other readers-if I posted a new response. That is seriously some great information! I definitely think you described the difference between hyperpigmentation and erythma perfectly! You explained it in a way that I can understand which is awesome. The next time I wash my face, I'm going to press down on the marks and figure out what I really have going on. I've never heard of the Makeup
  12. Hello soul sister!! I'm SO sorry for not being on this site recently. I could not log into my account to save my life and I was finally able to get it straightened out today! I read your posts that I missed and it seems like things are continuing to look up for you! I'm really happy for you!! Are you still on the regimen and doing well? I actually decided to go a different route...I have always been interested in switching to an all-natural approach
  13. I initially used 2/3 olive oil and 1/3 castor, then maybe 3 weeks later I replaced the olive oil with coconut oil. All of that was such a big mistake, haha. Apparently those are the worst offenders as far as comedogenic products go! Hey there Battle2011! I apologize for not updating recently. As I've mentioned above, I could not access my account for the life of me and just today was able to resolve this! I posted a thorough update above as a response to alisonp27 if you would like to h
  14. Great great great advice!!!! I WISH I had done this instead of OCM and I hope that anyone contemplating OCM can read your post first and try that. I have the Aztec Clay and it's AMAZING! It sucks up everything on your face without a doubt! I do have a question for you....I used the Aztec Healing Clay mask (the one in the tub from Amazon and Whole Foods) and the last two times I used it, it made me breakout incredibly bad. I know because of how strong it is that it will pull things to the top of
  15. Hello soul sister!! I'm SO sorry for not being on this site recently. I could not log into my account to save my life and I was finally able to get it straightened out today! I read your posts that I missed and it seems like things are continuing to look up for you! I'm really happy for you!! Are you still on the regimen and doing well? I actually decided to go a different route...I have always been interested in switching to an all-natural approach (hence the attempt at OCM) so I figure
  16. Thank you for the tips!! I'm not sure if you read my above posts but I really would like to try to remain on an all-natural regimen from now on so I really appreciate your recommendations! I actually recently purchased a few products from the Acure line....have you heard anything about the line? It seems to be working nicely as far as the overall tone of my skin but obviously, I have a long way to go. Do you know if Whole Foods has the Buzzy's Essentials line? I'm going to look into the soap and
  17. Hi there Zophy! So sorry for my late response, my account was acting so strange and I have been unable to sign in until now! Since it's been a few months, did you end up continuing with your OCM? I'm curious as to how it has worked for you. Just in my personal opinion from my own life-changing experience with OCM, I would HIGHLY suggest to try something else. OCM changed my skin completely and it will never be able to go back to how it once was. I had the absolute worst breakouts of my life-as i
  18. Hey lady! Checking in with you to see how your progress is! I'm still using the Proactiv with no avail I just don't get it! I was looking at pictures of myself only 2 years ago and my skin was excellent. I really wish I was able to see that back then and I was using Proactiv at that point! My skin has actually been great on the Proactiv up until the OCM. Now it's awful :/ I really hope you are finding success with the regimen! I am really contemplating using it but I don't know if I should
  19. I have just stumbled upon this old thread and can honestly say that out of all the posts that I have read whilst I have been on acne.org, this is just about the best and most inspiring. Like you, I developed acne at about the age of 12 or 13 and was bullied at school both verbally and physically because I had acne. It has led to a life long hatred of myself and obsession with acne and my skin. I won`t bore you with the tale but over the years because I had acne and couldn`t accept it, I have i
  20. Oh wow!! Congrats on your discovery!! I have been looking into starting the regimen but have also been so apprehensive about trying ANYTHING new after the OCM situation Did you purchase the acne.org brand of benzyl peroxide or do you use a different kind/brand? I definitely agree with the gentle process of things as well. I know that any sort of scrubbing and serious exfoliation causes flare ups but I've just been so scared to deviate away from my Proactiv!! Damn you OCM! I think I'm going to l
  21. Hey everyone, Thanks so much for following up with me. This has been a truly awful experience for me and it's really nice to hear that most have you have gone through very similar experiences! I would like to say that ideally, I'd like to start on an all natural method for my skin. I know that's a little difficult for the circumstances but I really do and would appreciate any further responses from people who have gone through similar experiences! I stopped the OCM a while back and am now ba
  22. Hello everyone! Thank you for stopping by this post! This is my first post on Acne.org and I can't believe it's taken me this long. I need help guys, so badly. In about October 2012, I read about the Oil Cleansing Method and before doing any sort of thorough research, I began the method. I am very interested and involved in natural and homeopathic remedies so I was thrilled when I discovered this! Within two months, my skin was as awful as it's ever been. Bumps and cystic acne EVERYWHERE. I