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  1. Hi silverlight. It did, yes. I did not experience an IB after weaning. I'd advise stopping the antibiotics, as they really are bad for your body. Wean, and take probiotics, and hopefully you will be just fine!
  2. This article, which I found today, seems to have put a nail in my coffin: http://www.femininebeauty.info/images2/sensitive.skin.pdf It says daily cortisone use makes the skin more fragile and susceptible to redness, which becomes permanent -- as does the skin's sensitivity to any and all products. Can anyone help? Has anyone experienced this? I've read some supplements, like flax seed oil and borage seed oil, can help repair the skin's barrier function. Does anyone know of anything
  3. Hi everyone. Without going into my whole sob story, I'll lay it out there: I used a hydrocortisone + metro lotion on my chin daily for three years, per a derm's rx for what he said was perioral dermatitis, and upon stopping it a year ago, my skin has not returned to normal. If I use anything other than water -- even gentle, all-natural products, pure honey, or any type of oil -- I break out in perioral dermatitis bumps around my mouth, nose and eyes. I'm at the point where I am only cle
  4. hi wicky. i feel ya on the frustration. and yes, not know what it is makes it oh so difficult to treat. as far as my chin goes, the whiteheads are really superficial and always pop when i lightly scratch over them. but what you're describing, the type that look like they're on the surface but nothing comes out, are on my forehead. i actually tried to pop one this am and all it did was make a red mess.... and although it looked like a normal whitehead, nothing came out. i'm at the point where any
  5. Hi Russmea... thanks for your input. I, like you, have since changed my regimen, too. I'm no longer using the primrose oil and am instead using zinc cream on the spots. HOWEVER, I am totally with you on oils aggravating the issue. And while spot treating with the zinc helps calm my skin down, it is in a mineral oil base. I tried grapefruit extract in the past but didn't see any results. Are you finding it's stopping the bumps from appearing? How long did it take before you saw results?
  6. Sdpinkas, thank you for your advice as well. I'm fairly certain these bumps are PD, and I'd be afraid to treat them with AHA -- my chin area is SO reactionary, and PD can be irritated at the slightest thing. I truly WISH it was acne -- then I'd be able to treat it! No topicals seem to help my case.
  7. Oh yes, I've researched it all. I think I've read the entire internet. :/ I stopped bc about a month and a half ago, and used baking soda for 2 weeks (after using no sls/flouride for a year) to brush my teeth... No changes. And I've been using laundry detergent called Molly's suds w/ no surfactants in it. I kid you not, I've racked my brain trying to think what might be irritating it. Maybe I'll switch back to baking soda for my teeth... But yeah, I'm using dr bronners baby soap for hair and org
  8. Thanks so much, paigems. Nope, no use of lip balm or any products, really. I wash with water and spot treat bigger bumps w/ an evening primrose oil-based concoction (which I've also eliminated in the past to see if that was the problem). I wish it was as simple as removing a product or two.
  9. Hi all. I’ve posted my fair share of desperate pleas on this board, asking for help with my perioral dermatitis, and so far, nothing has worked. It appeared about four years ago, and for three, I used a derm rx’d metro + hydrocortisone lotion that totally suppressed it. Over the past year I’ve tried antibiotics (oral and topical), antifungals, sulfur creams, black soap, demodex treatments, countless natural topicals like ACV and tea tree, and oral supplements like zinc and probiotics. I’ve also
  10. I've never experienced a viral outbreak that I know of. After some quick googling, calcified bone lumps seem to be something totally different... these are small, fluid-filled bumps that are totally superficial but pop up daily. I'm fairly convinced it's perioral dermatitis/my skin reacting to some type of chemical. In the past I've used hydrocortisone and elidel, and that totally suppresses them. I've read on the boards people who have experienced similar things, and their bumps stopped appeari
  11. Hi Michelle. A derm did a skin scraping of several of the bumps and found there was no fungus or bacteria when looking under the microscope. Do you recommend a biopsy in addition to this? Thanks for your advice.
  12. Hi guys, back with an (unfortunate) update. It's been another month with no change. Allergy test came back and I'm allergic to nickle, but that's it. I'm beginning to do some desperate things... like stopping use of ALL chemicals and avoiding tap water at all costs. This has included bathing with bottled water, brushing my teeth/washing my hair with baking soda, and only washing my face with bottled water. I also thought my laundry detergent might be the problem, so I'm using baking soda for my
  13. hi waytoooldforthis. no, it does not itch or burn. it's just red bumps and small whiteheads concentrated around my mouth, and they dont even hurt -- they are totally superficial. after trying tons of topical remedies and taking antibiotics (on and off) for nearly four months, im wondering if my birth control might be the culprit. it must either be hormonal or some type of reaction to fluoride or another. these are the only two things left to consider! as of yesterday, i stopped my bc p
  14. Thank you both for your thoughts. Paigems, I'm inclined to agree with you on the diagnosis, but I'm just so frustrated that after using a soap for PD (osmia black soap) and Jayson's toothpaste (no SLS or fluoride) for months, I've seen no changes. Other than those things, the only topicals I use are almond oil as moisturizer when needed, and a small bit of Elidel when I have an especially bad spot. Other than that, it's just mascara. My body wash and shampoo are non-SLS, also. Do you spot tr
  15. Hi guys. I’ve posted before and am still having a heck of a time getting results. If anyone can help, I’d really, really appreciate it. My problem: constant, small whiteheads, usually concentrated around my mouth but sometimes near my nose or under my eyes. They’re not zits, and when I pop them (usually a quick swipe of a fingernail across the top of my skin does it), a clear liquid seeps out. I always wake up with at least one, and as the day goes on, a few more typically pop up. Several derms