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  1. Same.. I'm looking into laser treatment right now to get rid of the last reminder of my 8 years of hell. Maybe he should do the same?
  2. God, if this isn't like looking back at the past. First of all - none of the home remedies work. None of them. They only destroy your skin. I know, because i've tried them all. If you're not willing to pay for treatment then go see a derm. I don't know if you have to pay for the stuff they prescribe you, i just know that here in sweden all that stuff is free until the age of 18. And also, don't try a hundred different products. I've recently started washing my face at night only and then appl
  3. Hello! I have red marks. If they get worse in the sun, is it better to use the self tanner? Or is it equally as bad? I've been tanning outside for the past week and the burn was morbid. I looked like a tomato. My red marks only got irritated, but now they seem fine. I feel like it should be better to use a self tanner since it "colors the skin", but never penetrates it, it's only temporary and theres no burn. But would it make my marks darker overtime? I used it last summer and it worked f
  4. I broke out horribly in my entire face, after combining those two i cleared my face in just five days. The redness was crazy but you live I broke out horribly in my entire face, after combining those two i cleared my face in just five days. The redness was crazy but you live
  5. My red marks have faded a lot and my skin actually looks completely fine. But as soon as i run warm, they appear like red christmas lights. Why is that? They become like fresh marks even thought they're about 6 years old. This bounds me to wear make up even though i look completely fine in the morning, because i know they will become "visible" later on in the day. Is this even normal?
  6. Hello! I just had this random thought - brands like bareminerals claim that their mineral foundations are 100% natural and non-comedogenic. Wouldn't this mean that you could fall asleep with these on, without breaking out? I've been thinking about this for a couple of days now. I mean, what is it that really makes you break out, if it doesn't clog your pores? I know this sounds really stupid, and it probably is. But my reason for asking is that I'd like some layer of mineral foundation to even m
  7. Hello! I honestly don't know what I'm really asking about here, but I'm hoping someone has advice. I was on accutane and my skin was completely clear. Then I got extremely dry. I went to my derm and he prescribed mildison (a mild hydrocortisone). I guess he thought I had eczema. He didn't say much about the side effects or what precautions i should've been taking. I used the cream for about 2 months. About a month ago my skin started breaking out in small red dots. I cleared it, but then it ke
  8. I had the same issue with my mom when I was about 11-12 and started having problems with my skin. Here's my advice: do NOT do anything. It will go away. If you start messing with products and popping pimples, you will have a loooong road ahead of you. I wish I had left my skin alone. Now I am dependant on skin products and my face is still a mess, even after accutane.
  9. I don't know really, but since you're reacting badly to it you should probably try something different. If you need something to cover redness during the day, I recommend Eucerin AntiRedness Concealing Day Care. It's an AMAZING moisturizer, without it i look like a burnt tomato. It makes my skin tone completely even and my hyperpigmentation way less noticable. It did not break me out either. The cons are that it may look a little white, i mean like you've seen a ghost or something, depending on
  10. Hello. I just purchased Eucerin Dermo PURIFYER Adjunctive Hydrating Care and it seems to contain Chondrus Crispus which according to cosdna.com is highly comedogenic, rated 5, but it doesnt say anything about it here. It confuses me since this is supposed to be a product suitable for acne-prone skin. Anyone got an answer for this?
  11. Tbh i recommend using the dermaroller, thats whats been working for me.. Ive used it four times now and my red marks are almost gone. You should check this site out http://banishacnescars.com/ also vitamins C & E are really great
  12. Hello!! It's been a while since i've been here, and i'm GLAD to say that my acne is gone. Well, almost. Everytime i get a pimple, even the smallest zit, it leaves a mark. I scar really easily. This really gets on my nerves since my acne is basically gone, my red marks are fading thanks to me using the dermaroller (which actually really really works btw) but the marks keep coming!!! I dont mind a pimple, but the marks just keeps building up and i feel like i will never have normal looking skin..
  13. Hello, I've been using the baking soda and lemon mask for about 3 weeks and the marks are starting to fade. I would like to use it everyday but i'm not sure if it's good for the skin? If it isn't, do you guys have any tips on DIY (do it yourself) face masks that i could use every night? Thanks!
  14. I use wet n wild cover all palette, it has 4 different concealers
  15. What do you guys think about it? Just got my starter kit and i really like everything that i got.